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has anyone read

Pretty Things by Sarra Manning? its amazing, about a straight girl who falls in love with a gay guy and a gay guy who falls in love with a straight guy and a straight guy who loves a lesbian and lasting the lesbian who mostly hates everything. Disscussions?

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Lines Written in Oregon by Nabokov

Esmeralda! now we rest
Here, in the bewitched and blest
Mountain forests of the West.
Here the very air is stranger.
Damzel, anchoret, and ranger
Share the woodland’s dream and danger.
And to think I deemed you dead!
(In a dungeon, it was said;
Tortured, strangled); but instead –
Blue birds from the bluest fable,
Bear and hare in coats of sable,
Peacock moth on picnic table.
Huddled roadsigns softly speak
Of Lake Merlin, Castle Creek,
And (obliterated) Peak.
Do you recognize that clover?
Dandelions, l’or du pauvre?
(Europe, nonetheless, is over).

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This is all very complicated

So this weekend I get to hang out my friends, one which is the girl I like (A) but we will also be hanging out with the girl she likes. And then to make matters worse one of the main reasons I like her is because she reminds me of the girl I think I love (B) but can't have. Why can't I have her? Well partly because she practicaly-as far as I know-is already dating. Another complication is I never see either one of them and even though I've told them both I'm not sure they really realize I like them.

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This Is It (poetry)

Quietly you hold out your hand
Beseaching me to fall on to you
You begin to capture me and laugh
because you think this is my need
Your lips find mine, searing my flesh
Your eyes search mine-begging to be it
Your hands hunt my skin and a scream smolders in my throat
Why are your eyes smiling?
Your tounge, like a serpent inside my mouth
Biteing the girl who stands alone on the clifts as the waves begin to drown her
This is your best game
Hollow words from a man who I once thought of as my angel
What somberness has made this so,
What forest did this devil walk out of?

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this me finally back

I havn't been on here in so long, I'm glad to be back. What happened to the poetry section, am I just so incompitent I can't find it?
If what your reading does not make sence I'm sorry but I'm very ill. I'm on the last week of my birth control which = PMS plus I jsut got off my anti deppressants and I think I'm getting sick all and all that makes me a raving lunitic. It sucks.
I really want to write so bad but I dont have the ability.
Has anyone heard of Nabokov? He wrote Lolita, he is my new obsession and he is absolutly amazing I love him

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You tell me you love me
Beg me to hear it
I wont
Its lies
You tell me you can never live without me
And yet you stand still breathing
You scream: a chance thats all we need
I refuse to see it
Your trapped inside the teenage world
Of backstabbers and gossip
I hope you understand that all that crap you cling to
Will melt like buttercream frosting when you breath in

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So since me leaving my best friend, or her leaving me-since we stopped being friends-amazing things have been happening!
1st the new book im writing? Is working perfectly, i just wish i knew a little more about the inner works of a mental hospital, it makes in even harder that i am writing in a time frame that i wasnt ever born it! 1982, but im dealing.

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hum postsecret

ok here goes nothing i guess:
1. my bedroom window is looking out onto the street and even though my blinds and windows are NEVER open-unless it rains-i am always paranoid someone is watching me change, which is why i change in the closet.

2.i hate going to the bathroom because i feel like someone is listning, which is why i try and avoid public bathrooms, esp the ones at school.

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if you could would u show ur true self?

I'm sure no one will post to this, because lets face it no one ever posts on my journals. Why i dont no, are they just to pointless?sorry my lifes so dull.But i really want to no you guys, this is an honest question that im sure if you really think about it people we'll have a hard time answering. At least most of us will.

If you could would you show your true colors?


Yes normal
9% (1 vote)
9% (1 vote)
18% (2 votes)
Other (as in other ways. there r other ways ; D )
36% (4 votes)
27% (3 votes)
Total votes: 11
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You Change Me Again

I told u everything,
Opened myself up to u,
Somthing i thought would be so hard to do
In the past.
But i put that behind us
And let go
I trusted u
Waiting for some kind of sign
For u to understand
For u to rip me apart at you hand
But u didnt
You just left me instead
Your showing signs
Of what im not sure
But ur communicating
Now that its getting harder for me to respond

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so guess what i heard?

well ive been sick for the past two days, so much fun huh?Dizzy and natious (i cant spell give me a break), you wouldnt think it would be possible for a person to sleep as much as i did, but hay i guess it is.

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As long as shes flying

She flys
Spinning and twirling
A balarina
All the while laughing
Her smile bright enough
To light the world
So happy and so complete
All to see this little girl
Without a care in the world
For now at least
Shes free of pain,
Of tears, saddness and loss
She knows only of the joy
She is feeling with in her heart
As she flys
Avoiding me with her eyes
And laughts so strong

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Calling out...

Are you listening?
Can hear me?
Sometimes, yes sometimes
I'm not so sure.
I want to belive you,
And everything you say
But sometimes life gets in the way.

I'm falling harder now,
Sinking and fading out,
I'm losing all control.
Can you hear me?
I need you to be one
That pulls me out.
I need to hear your voice
screaming out to me.
Washing away my hate.
Replacing my doupt,

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Just to get to you (my poem)

I shall stand out
And whisper to the wind
Your name.
I shall tell him the message,
I wish to send you,
Of how much i care for you.
I shall tell him to race all the way
To the pier in your town,
Passing the crowds
Of adoring and spitful people,
Just to get to you.

I shall sit out
And whisper to the waves
Your name.
I shall tell her the message,
I wish to send to you,

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