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Redid Falling for u but Ronnie Day

She calls her early because she knows she'll be asleep
She leaves a message after the beep
She says she's better now but she's still incomplete
She's trying hard to make her voice sound soft and sweet

A couple hours pass until she picks up the phone
She wasn't ready for the shock she holds her breath now
She plays the message twice and then the

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fav actress or actor?

Favorite actress or actors??
So who and y?

Mine is Alyssa Malono (From charmed) because she was in Charmed-which is the only thing ive ever really saw her in and because shes down right adorable. shes just got the whole cute factor working for her.

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chocolet chicken, pink squash and green eggs and ham

im really bored and can never think of anything to talk about so accaionally i get a kick out of putting up some radom garble and seeing how many people reply to it and so i say "love u all!!!" that and La Vie Boheme! Happy holidays as we all pray the world wont suddenly stop spinning- u no actually would there be an upside to that?

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whats ur fav....

im courious,bored-dont blame me that i cant spell-and want to see my signature so im asking whats ur fav song or band and y? is there storie behind it?

Mine would be EVERCLEAL because the rock and calm me down, i 1st found out about them because my dad played there song "Wonderful" and so i went i out in search, they remind me of him a lot acutally.

ok now who else?

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here r 3 of my poems

Here are some of my poems and i want to know what u all think for the contest. i want ur honest answers,if u think there not good tell me, i really wont mind, so here are my best from my collection. ENJOY!

The rain the splatters shines the floor,
Theres nothing left for me here anymore,
Sun streeked windows
But nothing shines,
There semmes to be nothing,
On the inside,

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In so many ways

You may not want to hear this,
but i think im learning how to forget.
You may not want to beleive this,
but i think it may be a lost cause
i think we both know
how pointless this is,
so why is it were not letting go?
We use to only have eachother
And now we only have ourselves.
You may want to live in the past
like i use to
but i think it finnally hit me today

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EVERYONE lets u down in the end

and thats what sucks, unfortunetly its true, even if its in some small way or even if they dont mean too. My ex-friend and i have been "falling out" for awhile, you know not getting on so good and having nothing to talk about. And then today we were kinda hanging out being bord while i was hoping my girl would txt *Ahem* ; ), and then we both try start writing a poem.

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Wondering, how i find you

I cant drive, and if i tried to drive my parents car i'd probably get caught and thrown in juvie, so i'll be forced to take the bus with the $100 bill i stole from my parents after pay day and some bus change. Althought ive never riden the bus, i'll take it then.

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I dont no what to say,
It always turns out this way
With me,
Everything meaning somthing
Reading to much into every word, every moment
Its pathetic isn't it?
I wish i knew what to say to you,
But i don't.
I wish i could tell you;
Your beautiful,
That i love spending time with you,
Hearing your voice,
Feeling your hair,
Staring into the depth of your eyes,
Like people should do

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on the advise of someone i met

Here is me posting somthing finnally about myself. So here you go: im not sure what to say, esspually since my entire familys right behind me on the couch-not like there reading over my shoulder but still...Ok well heres a start: i found about this site when i was looking for a book called Keeping you a secret that one of my authors requested.

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