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there are some things i wish to say

i wrote this a few days after my girlfriend broke up with me. i felt regret so strong i couldn't find words to express it (until i wrote this), because i had never told her how much i love her. i guess i'm small with words and we were just too young and tender for it all. she broke up with me because she has too many emotional issues right now to handle a relationship.

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you are my addiction

this poem was written during a really emotion-fueled few minutes and edited very minimally not long afterwards, so i don't know how coherent it is. anyways,

you are my addiction
my coffee & cigarettes
i breathe you and your blood
it runs through my veins
pumping my heart
in rythm with yours

you are what wakes me up in the morning
and what i listen to at night before i go to sleep

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i am an orphan
an orphan on the high seas
and every time that i see
another ship go by
i pray that deep inside it is someone just like me
waiting for the tide to fall so we can be set free

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