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Movies I watched lately..... part 2

Second installment. Just keeping my ideas out there, and possible movies for people to watch.

**Lesbian Section**

Losing Chase

In this movie, many scenery shots were done of the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard. There was a pretty slow progression of events.

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Movies I watched lately..... part 1

I am a movie buff, going to school and learning about making movies. Hopefully going to a film school when I'm done with high school. So, you can see where I place movies in my life. Towards the top. :)

So... movies I have watched recently on the wonderful invention of Youtube.

*Lesbian Section*

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Okay. Today, other than my disfunctional friends and my girl problems that have seemed to clear up with the help of all of you guys (thnx again. =}), I watched the movie "Atonement".

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I'm losing my mind, along with Annie

"NO HELP! YOU ARE NO HELP AT ALL!!!" She screamed as she ran into her house.

Okay that wasn't random, it had a purpose. The perfect pair, Annie and Dannie (i know! isn't that fucking adorable?!), had their first fight. It was over the smallest thing imaginable to fight over. A rock. A rock stuck in Annie's shoe.

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"Time seems to slow when you're not here. It's like a day turns into 9, and your face nevers leaves my brain. My heart clenches when you call, and body is set on fire when you touch me. When you kiss me, I swear I might pass out. The distance between us is small, but I feel as if you are on the other side of the world.

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Okay. I pretty much fucked up the whole site and post thingies. I am SO sorry. (an amateur mistake I must admit) I felt really bad, and I am here to make it better.
Okay, my solution since I have no possible way of making these things smaller, I will just give you the link thingy and then you can read them on my photobucket account. I think this will be a better and happier solution for all.

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Girl Troubles. Those two words have stricken fear into the hearts of men and women for, practically forever. Well, girl troubles doesn't really even cover me because I have some guy troubles thrown in as well. So I'm in the middle of some Guy and Girl Troubles.

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