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Sugar Season.

Sugar on snow with donuts and pickles - is there anything better? I don't do the tapping or boiling stuff, but I still love sugar season. Especially the warmth. It's my favorite time of the year to ski.

Can you wait? I know I can't.

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If you could...

live in any place you wanted and in any time you wanted where would you live?

World of Naruto.

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There's this new kid. John - we'll call him that. He started here t'day. He's a sophomore in my Chemistry class (I secretly despise him for this, I used to be the only sophomore in my chemistry class -,-). He's kind of cute. Not gonna lie. He's droopy eyed though. But he has pretty nice hair, a nice figure and a friggin amazing jaw-line.

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We had mock elections. Obama won. Landslide. At least according to exit polls.
58% - Obama,
25% - McCain,
6% - Nader,
3% - Lance Armstrong,
8% - Other.

Biggest issue was the economy. Next was our wars. Third was the environment. Fourth was homosexual rights (W00T!)

I don't know who won concerning Douglas v. Symmington v. Pollina. I hope Symmington won.

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There's no fucking boys around. I mean there are. But they're all heterosexual and usually engaged in their fucking heterosexual relationships. I mean there's fags around, but they're all ugly. It's not that they're even ugly or unattractive, it's that they're boring and immature. They're just not what I'm looking for.

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Cross-country skiing is like my sexuality

In cross-country skiing, I always tried to lead with my right, because I did most things like that. With my sexuality I denied my homosexuality without knowing it, because that's what I had been taught. I put forth this facade where I was heterosexual.

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I hate...

peanut allergies. They're ruining schools. Legitly, they are. Vermont has these damn laws requiring schools to provide kids with allergies a safe learning environment. All right, that's fine, everybody wants that right?

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FTL! Sarah Palin and John McCain

Recently, in an interview and in a speech, Governor Sarah Palin recently alleged that Senator Barack Obama wants to amend the constitution to give the Judiciary Branch more power, so that the courts may forcibly possess American's private property and redistribute it.

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It really pisses me off when...

Artists act with a superiority complex. Like I was talking to this girl and her mother (both very art oriented) and something reminded me of chibby (Japanese artform, very modern, involves making characters that are cute with awkward proportions) and I brought it up. Then the mother asked, "Did you make it up yourself?.

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playded Ultimate t'day. It was sooo fun! I <3 running! I even scored two goals!!!! *squee*

But, then like half way through, my trachea became ultra irritated. I didn't like that. -,- I think it's a combination of second hand smoke and my chronic acid reflux that's causing that icky feeling...

I hate fags! >.<

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I've never realized...

how accepting my parents are.

My father, my mother and I, all of our own will, were watching "Sordid Lives" on Logo. Then we all watched "Tying the Knot" on Logo as well.

And then my father knew about the Supreme Court case in Connecticut concerning gay marriage. Like what the fuck, I'm the queer, you're not.

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Snowing =]

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ANNE COULTER. That women needs to be locked up.

She thinks that Edwards is some silly faggot, that all arabs are basically terrorists, that we should convert everyone to Christianity, that the democratic party should be destroyed, that WOMEN SHOULD NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE, and so much more...

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What are...

Mags that have/are...
Young boys.
No 'gals.
Some content.

Basically something like XY

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For chrissakes...

I'm exhausted. I went to bed at 5 AM today.

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