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I hate blood drives. They piss me the fuck off.

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I'm making a vow to...

Not spend anymore money. None. Nada. ZERO!

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I rarely post about boys. Or my homosexuality, directly. I think it's partly because of the lack of it in my life. Like boys. There's ZERO in my life. At least one's I like...

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I just got an email...

About this kid in a Utah school. Like it was all legit. They thought I was "Mr. and Mrs. Thomas". They were writing about this child with a learning disorder. And I was all like "What the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck?" I checked the school out and it was legit. So now like, 50 faculty members of a school district out in Utah have my email address.

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I just...

spent the last hour making milk. Rice milk =]

So basically:
You cook the rice.
You fluff it.
You cool it.
You blend (in a blender ^.^) the cooled fluffy rice with water (Not sure the ratios, I did trial and error)
You strain it.
Then I added some creativity.
You heat it.
You supppppppeerrrrrr blend it.
You strain it.
You strain it.
You strain it.
You strain it.
You strain it.

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"My Fellow Prisoners"

That's how John McCain addressed the American people at a rally:

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Fight Fight Fight!

So. This week's been spirit week. It's been pretty fuckin' hilarious.

-Monday was PJ day. Pretty basic, kind of subfusc, but it's a classic.

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Look'ee 'eer!

"Mrs Palin occasionally used the account to conduct state business, according to media reports. Critics have charged that she uses the account to get around public-records laws." (,25197,24469379-12335,00.htm...)

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Code Geass!
Soy Milk!
Boys! (not men)
Night Skies!
And my lost goes on...

What's your list like? =]

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I like how...

Vermont is the only state with a Voter's Oath.

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John McCain

Voted YES on loosening restrictions on cell phone wiretapping.
- Violates what I feel as the universal right to privacy. The Fifth Amendment also Agrees. Privacy may only be violated with a warrant.

Voted NO on adding sexual orientation to definition of hate crimes.
- You're all queers. This is a no-brainer for you. It violates the idea of individualism.

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I hate how Sarah Palin wants to teach abstinence in schools, while she failed to teach it to her on child. Could that be a reminder that teaching abstinence doesn't work?

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You know what?

I hate Sarah Palin's voice.

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So um...

My ex-boyfriend wants to have a threesome with me and his fiance...

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Bullocks. Just plain Bullocks.

My flight yesterday from PIT was at 9:30 AM with American Airlines. That got delayed to 12:00 AM. Fucking bullocks. That meant I missed my connection flight. So I obviously didn't go. They transferred me to Continental, connecting through CLE at 5:00 PM. 7 hours in a god damn fucking airport, with no ride back to the house. Fucking shit. Then they delayed the CLE flight 'til 5:40 PM.

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