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George Hathaway Taber: My Grandfather

That funeral was something. There had to be over 200 people that showed up. So many people I had never seen before.

I couldn't keep myself from shedding tears though. Especially seeing the box with his ashes or seeing the picture on the funeral pamphlet. I don't care if it was a "celebration of life"; it was still sad.

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Swell Lingo

What kind of phrases are you kiddos using these days.
North Western and Southern Vermont is:
dirt nasty
slam pig

There's some more, but I can't think of 'em right now.

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My mom is the worst person to drive with, especially with a student driver. She talks to me constantly and this causes me to drift in my lane. I also suck at left turns because of it. So she was said, "WHOA!" when I fucked up a turn.
I replied with, "I did it perfectly this morning, it's because I'm talking.

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McCain/Palin=Bush Continued

John McCain is already a bad choice, anybody can see that by looking at his congressional records. John McCain has time and time again tried to force the market to deregulate. This kind of deregulation, specifically the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Banking Act of 1933 (Not the FDIC one), caused the sub-prime mortgage crash. McCain has never once actually pushed for the regulation of the market.

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Shaken - to the Core

I feel so vulnerable. I feel lonely. I feel afraid. I feel fear.

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Is there an INH3 RT characteristic for this?

I have this huge underwear fetish. I hate the word fetish though and underwear makes me think of grandpa briefs. So we'll call this an undergarment obsession.

Well, I like briefs, but really only the old school colored kind (red, green and blue). I really like jock straps and thongs though. Those are pretty sexy. CIN2 is definitely my favorite brand. They don't stretch out like Jockey does.

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INAH3: The supposed gay gene

Researches have seemed to of pinpointing the gene responsible for sexual orientation. Researchers feel that the gene is simply not an "on/off" switch, but instead extremely variable. Researchers also don't feel that the gay gene exists in a variable spectrum between heterosexuality and homosexuality, but is all encompassing of sexual identity.

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Industrial Food Complexes

This SweetSurprise campaign pisses me the fuck off (The newly launched campaign advocating the use of high fructose corn syrup as a sweetener)

The Reality:

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An era, at an end.

Hospital beds. Feeding tubes. Assisted suicide. Depression. Cancer. Doctors. Charts. Assisted Living.

I don't want to say good bye, but I know I have to. I know I won't ever see them again, but I still can't accept that. But I know I can't say goodbye to them, but if I don't I know I'll regret it for the rest of my life.

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I can't think up cool and snazy titles, sorry.

I've fallen in love with Frank Sinatra. I had never really listened to his tunes prior to a few days ago. What prompted me was the list I had constructed detailing the songs I needed to obtain to rebuild my music library (Rootkit killed the whole Windows Installation. No possible recovery of the installation was at all possible). While I was doing it, Papa, my grandfather, popped into my mind.

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Oh Lordy...

So, last night was one of my friend's (B) surprise birthday party. Her mother rented a hotel room for the party. So my brother and I showed up late, not our fault - I worked a 12-8 shift. It was chill anyway. Things went well.

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What the fuck...

I was looking at credit cards today... Someone without a credit rating on average has an APR of like 20% or 12% with a 50$ annual fee... That's just insane... I mean, I'm 16, I had no credit rating, I applied for a card in my name and only in my name, and I got 12.9% APR. You can't even have above 18% APR in Vermont.

Who in their right mind would take a card that has 20% APR?

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My grandmother just called. It made me feel pretty happy. Kind of sad though... More on the happy side though.

Many of you probably know, that is if you read what I post, that the grand 'rents have cancer. My father told me that I'll probably never see them again because they're so ill.

Anyway, just hearing her voice made me pretty happy.

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The Chronicles of an LG

Today I worked for roughly 8 hours. The first part sucked, I was running off of 9 hours of sleep (I know, I know... It seems like a lot to you. I could have gone for another 1 or 2 hours).

Anyway, I worked with two new people today. One I loved, one I didn't talk to, nor did I like her.

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It's one of our most influential things in our life. It also usually accompanies us throughout life and it usually brings back fond memories. They range from turtles being landowners to yellow bears doing stretches to disgusting concoction being created that induces gargantuan growth. They're the literature of our childhood.

Who's everyone's favorite author and favorite book?

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