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So I've been a lacto-octo-vegetarian for about 3 moths shy of a year now and recently I've decided to explore whether or not I want to eat meat or not.

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I'm so glad that damn Key West advertisement is gone. It was pissing me off.

But it's still f'ing dyke oriented. I need some fag advertisements.

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So um, I just made this zucchini pizza. it was the best pizza I've ever had.

Like it's weird though, it's not a yeast crust. In fact, it's not a crust that's supposed to rise. It also has egg in it, I've never seen that with a pizza crust!

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Grilled Cheeses, Million Dollar Estates and Sly Foxes

Alright. All those things in the title are pretty specific, eh? Seemingly unrelated, except for the fact that they've been on my mind.

Number One. Good place to start, huh?

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I dropped my pocket.

I actually did one night.

Anyway. So my brother is pissing me the fuck off. He doesn't want me to express my sexuality in anyway and doesn't want me to have pride. He basically wants me to go into self-repression of my sexuality and to mascaraed as a heterosexual.

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Ugh... I feel so horrible... My stomach feels so raunchy. I'm even typing worse than I was last night... Well... This morning.

Anyway, my brother and I went over to a friend's house and I got trashed, he didn't. It took about 4 beers... I'm a wicked lightweight. His girlfriend is too, she was there.

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I'm going to end up working 10 days straight... 9 are night shifts. 4 have/will be doubles. 1 day I'm working with practically no one that I know. 1 day I'm working with people I don't know so well... 1 day I'm working with Peggy! 1 day I'm working with Xana, two days I'm working with Jess and Brittany, and I'm not working with Laurance (sniffle).

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Today fucking sucked. No one would fucking listen and everyone was breaking the rules. I told so many fucking people not to hang onto the hoop, because the base could fall in and crush them. In fact, they were hanging on it to purposefully piss me off. I was about ready to fucking throw those jackasses out.

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So um - I just basically went into cardiac arrest and shock.

I just realize that I had totally missed Queer as Folk on Logo.

But then I realized I'm pirating all 5 seasons. I would buy it, except my parents have this thing where they don't want me to actually spend money...

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So um, I like know no one here. It's kind of peculiar, you know commenting on people's lives when I know relatively nothing about them.

I just thought we could all answer some questions of my design, so you know, we all get to know each other.

1- Gender/Sexuality

2- State/Region of Residency

3- Political Alignment

4- Favorite Food

5- Favorite Genre of Music

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Cool Beans

So, I worked with Xana and Laurance today. It was so fucking nice. I love those two so much.

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Oh boy.

so um... I'm not working with the kid I like at all next week. He works at MTNSD primarily. I work NTVL and CRTSD, but not MTNSD. There's no open sifts for MTNSD either. This is pissing me off.

I'm not working with Laurance either. This pisses me off... WHOA! I lied. I work on day with Laurance, for about 5 or 6 hours. I work with Cagla and Cherie a bit too, I love those too.

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So. I just discovered Cazwell. He's definitely my favorite hip-hop/rap artist ever.

I especially love the song that's just about facials and cumshots: "All Over Your Face".

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I worked a double today. 11 fucking hours. I was already sleep deprived anyway, seeing though the day before I had gotten home at 11. And the night before that at around 12:00.

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Ah crap...

Alright. So. My grandparents... We'll lets start with the pleasantry's of their lives.

My grandparents were born into money, they're genuine Lucky Sperm Club goers. Old money style.

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