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Has anyone noticed?

How disgusting this 150 kCal brownie type cake things that Betty Crocker Co. has started marketing is? They just look like they're trying to say, 'Hi, I'm 90% high fructose corn syrup, 9% hyper-refined flour and 1% caramel color. AKA diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity in one serving!'.

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It's my favorite season of the year. I just decided that. Winter is wicked chill too. I like spring also. Autumn, not so much.

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Okay Okay Okay!

So this chick. She'll be L. Well I said in a pretty old journal entry that she had the hots for me. So, I was walking over to Court Side (Pools) after swiping in and she pulls up with J, my bro's gf, and some other 'gal. She immediately starts talking to me and starts flirting with me.

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Alrighty. So at my camp a Shaman came.

Blah Blah *parts skipped*. Yada Yada Ya.
So then he went on to explain that foods from the Southern hemisphere fuck people up because the electromagnet rotation of chakra and chi around and in the food is opposite the Northern hemisphere's.

Yea. Okay.

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Musique II

Alrighty. Favorites of the picosecond, nanosecond, second, minute, hour, half-day, day, week, fortnight, month, season, year, century, millennia, infinity. Or music that you just simply hate.


  • She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5
  • Rhianna - Distrubia
  • Katy Perry
  • Karina
  • Toad the Wet Sprocket


  • Fergie
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Training - Part II

Okay Okay. I had training again today. Last session. So now I'm certed. I can save people now!

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So to be a guard of lives you usually have training. Something about federal and state regulations...

Anyway I had a session today and it lasted 6 hours (jesus christ that was long). But! that's not the exact point o' this.

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okay. I was cleaning my room today and my fucking throat closes. Like, WTF! I thought this was exercise induced asthma that I haven't seen a doctor for yet. When the hell did it go allergen style on my ass?

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So y'know, music is pretty much everybody's favorite thing. I mean it's been around... forever? I mean to say the basis of it is sound, and contrary to popular belief, sound is made when humans don't even observe it.

So what's everybody's favorite toonage?

Moi (Unranked):
Toad the Wet Sprocket
Katy Perry
The Shins
Metro Station
Cold Play

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My Great Uncle has a Wikipedia article! Go figure. He was also a fag.

Lucius Beebe.
When he died, everything was left to his lover. When his lover died, he left everything to his cat. My Grandfather didn't particularly care for my Great Uncle's lover...

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So I'm a Life Guard. We had training tonight. I SUCK at the crawl. I mean I FUCKING SUCK at it! Same thing with the breast stroke. Then I did the modified back stroke and Oh sweet Jesus! I'm so amazing at that and I use 1/3 of the effort. It's crazy!

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I really like balancing my check book. I really love it. Then I love dealing w/ money electronically. I love charging money to my credit card or debit card. I love it all!

Someone asked me today if I use my cards wisely...
She does have a point, all that money really is not mine... Well it is mine, but I didn't earn any of it. My great grandfather and assorted ancestors did.

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Awards and Such.

We had class/awards day today. I should've gotten the science award, but they forgot I was a freshman because i wasn't taking the silly little kiddy sciences called Intro to Phys. Sciences (The class is a joke, the teacher is horrible and no one likes it. And by no one, I mean no one) and Earth Sciences (I skipped that, no opinion therefore, but I heard it's even worth than Into to Phys.

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I have this stupid fucking Math project. I hate it so much! It's on HIV/AIDS. And this seems to much like review to me. Especially the Exponential Model part with CD4+ T-Lymphocyte levels. I went on a tangent in my notes explaining what CD34+ T-Lymphocytes are involved in and why HIV is such an effective virus.

And then I printed so much crap from the WHO and UNAIDS.

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My math project is pissing me off. The visuals (graphs, matrices, tables, equations, symbols, ect.) are being printed in 1,200 DPI in CYMK inks. Do you know how long it takes to print a page with those settings? About 5 minutes.

And in other news: My favorite artists are Justin, Madonna, Kylie and Timbaland.

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