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Madonna and Hillary: Part II

Madonna has pointy boobs. Simply as that. They're just pointy. I don't understand and I don't believe that anyone does. She could joust with them...

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Has anyone else noticed?

That Madonna is definitely not aging well. I think all that botox is finally catching up to her. I mean, I love the woman to death, but she's not all that attractive. I find her occasionally unattractive, borderline repulsive on occasions.

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Love me, Love me, Love me, Love me, Love me, I'm the one.

I love Kylie. I sincerely wish I was Kylie. Yup - I would go through my uterine lining expelling every month and having breast cancer.

I mean what's not to love about her? She's aged so well! She's frickin' for 40.

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Sweet Jesus...

I had a track meet yesterday. Oh Jesus, that was horrible. I couldn't do high jump, because we had a canceled practice on Monday because of the stupid fucking dumb ass weather. I got a second slower, I found out that I absolutely suck at blind passes and am only good at visual passes and it rained.

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Something New.

My practice for Track and Field was a study hall. I guess having above a 3.8 GPA doesn't mean a thing anymore...

But anyway we were entering for the Freshman invitational and I decided to do the 400m and the high jump instead of my 100m and 4x100m relay.

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Okay Okay Okay...

I was on Topix t'day. I was reading the comments on the article about May 17 being the day against homophobia.

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Never really experienced it. I'm starting to though. My growing pride isn't liked by a couple people. It kind of hurts when they make fun of me.

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Was good.

I wore tight pants, bright colors and surprised people. they were like "ahhh?", "Girl clothes?", "What?" and "How can you wear someone else's clothes?".

And some kids were even being douche bag homophobes! And you know what? I didn't care. it didn't effect me. I am proud of myself.

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Youth Pride! Represent!

So OutRightVT is doing this YP thing. I'm excited. They have workshops, marches and a dance/ And I'm gonig to a dance with a man, nopt a furry, not a 'gal. A guy!

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Such a negative word isn't it? And low-fat attracts so many, why?

But I've always taken on the connotation that fat=flavor, which it definitely does. I've never particularly cared for low-fat yogurt, milk, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese, crackers, cheez-itz, bacon, turkey, ect. But why has our society become fatter, when our fat intakes have dropped.

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What... the fuck?!?!

Apparently in Brazil, they believe that you can die if you have a mango with milk. Like no joke. That's their superstition.

Then if you have milk, you can't shave in front of a mirror.

Brazil is so different from the states.

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We went into Osklen. It had such amazing clothes! The pants were so revolutionary and amazing. The crotch was so much more comfortable and casual/sporty.

All their clothes yell "I'm different! But I'm not counter culture and I'm not a conformist or conservative, But instead I'm different and progressive!" Unfortunately there isn't a picture out there showing these amazing pieces in my mind.

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Oh boy...

Rain. Wow. It's even different in Brazil. It was like... a huge downpour. I mean, y'know how your pant's hem gets wet. Kinda annoying right? But that takes like 5 minutes... This was like... a fucking river dumping onto us. Like the everything below the knee line was wet (at least it didn't get my seat wet)...

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Oh my gosh! I'm here. I'm typing away at my uncle's MacBook in their urban apartment in Sao Paulo. I just barely got back from RDJ (Rio), which was FUCKING amazing!

But anyway... Rio!

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Color... (Like real color, pigment)

So i don't know why, but color just seems so damn fascinating to me. Oh and those primary color debates I can't avoid...

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