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Sleep Deprivation is Not As Fun As It Seems

I am thoroughly exhausted. Sunday night I got 3 hours of sleep but I loved it because after 12:30-ish I felt AMAZING, like a sudden burst of happiness and energy and for once everything seemed like it would be back on track.

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Late Night Idiocy

So I'd like to congratulate myself on one of my recent displays of poor judgment. I decided to procrastinate reading Kafka's The Metamorphosis (which is a little odd, mind you, and LONG - short story my ass) and writing the two essays for my AP Literature class. I'm still on the second essay because I can't even think right now.

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Inroduction to My Life: New Blogger

Well I should have saved because I just tried to write an introduction and clicked on the wrong thing so it erased EVERTHING. Sweet. NEW BLOGGER TIME!!!

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