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i have kick ass friends!

Last night i told my dad nd at first i felt guilty cuz i made him cry.

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i wonder what she meant....

Ok so S msgd me last night nd told me tht i broke her heart cuz i havent gone to skool (long story) nd tht she misses me nd wen am i coming back. i dk if she was just being friendly or if she meant it the way it sounded,im not going to take tht chance. at least not yet.nd tonight my mom's going to take me to a counciler to try nd fix my "problem." wtf?

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why bother right?

I came out to my mom today nd she was accepting but i can tell shes in denial. i told my friend (lets call her S) S a while back. 1st i told her i was bi, thn i learnd 2 trust her more nd told her i was les(i had a crush on her back thn) about 2mths l8er i met this beautiful girl ( ♥A♥ ) nd ive fallen pretty hard.

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