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oh boy...

my shedule (hahaha i know thats spelled wrong XD)
1st per: biology
2nd per: modern world history
3rd per: Algebra CD (wtf does cd stand for?)(cont. development??? i dunno)
4th per: Advanced KPE (or p.e. lol. gonna switch that though cause yeah lol)
5th per: English 3-4
6th per: Health ( cause i didnt finish it the first time i took it >.>)

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have sorta kinda good news. buuut im saving it for my morning msg :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD.

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it hurts me more than anything

to hear her cry. we just finished talking a while ago and right after i had said the usual "i love you" and "good night" she started crying a little. it broke my heart to hear her cry, and i feel bad cause i couldn't do anything to make her feel better. i almost thought i was gonna cry too. well actually ive felt like crying since around 3 pm. but i think you get my point. anyways, i don't know when the hell im gonna fall asleep tonight cause im just so used to sleeping on the phone with her.

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curfew on phone, 9 pm at the latest. that's not so bad. and only mon-fri. but how i did during the week determines how long i can use my phone on the weekends. i mean its not the schoolwork or chores that is hard for me to do good on, its the behavior and stuff. i have my moms attitude (most of the time lol) and sometimes cannot stay quiet cause i want to prove that im right. dad hates that. but i cant fucking help it. and then when he bugs me or annoys me, it kinda ruins the rest of the day.

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wow guys

48 views in like a few hours??? thats the best ive gotten :DDDDDDDDD
ty very much :]
anyways i think thats all i had to say.
hehe kassem g is funny XD

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im hanging out with count chocula. and he says to give me some views! please?

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"When you and I are alone, Ive never felt so at home..."

im gonna spend today watching a movie that i havent seen since Sammy was like 2 or 3. :) yay memories from your childhood. Spirit: Stallion of the Cimmaron. i was so into aminals when i was a kid. like my favorite channel was animal planet. and i remember that when i first saw this movie i loved it. and i watched it over and over again. and today i decided to find it on Pirate Bay. i found a dvd rip so yeah :))). sammy saw it at walmart the other day and wanted to get it, but no such luck. lol. im gonna make a copy for her :).

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Bob Nipple (the)Cricket

thats his name. thats what i named my cricket. XD i caught him last night. i was on myspace and i thought i saw something move on the floor, so i looked and he was just sitting there all chill and stuff lol. and i know he's a boy. i checked. XD actually i looked it up online sooo yeah. i didnt want to name him until i talked to my girl (cause i thought her name would be better than mine lol) and yeah. lol he's missing a hind leg. and he poops alot. XDDD. oh, and he's gay. :o. lol. look at Bob!

have you ever had a PB&P sammich? (peanut butter and pickle)

yes, they're yummy ^-^
29% (2 votes)
no, but i'd like to :)
0% (0 votes)
yeah, but i didnt like it
0% (0 votes)
ewwwwwww. no way. sounds gross.
43% (3 votes)
i dont like pickles
29% (2 votes)
i dont like pb
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 7
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my dad

pisses me off.
that is all.

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Why the fuck must they interfere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok. on cam with my girl and my friend rachel calls me asking me how come ive been ignoring them for so long. then asks me what the hell happend with *you know who* . and how come i dont get back with her. apparently she's a saint and has done nothing wrong. then rachel passes the phone to *you know who* and i have to sit there on cam, and talk to her. she's asking me all these fucking questions, telling me she's sorry and she wants me back, and how she keeps dreaming of me. NO! i will not go back down that road again. im happy now and i dont want to talk to her anymore. idgaf.

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have you ever been screwed by a watermelon
i dont think i have.....

have you ever ate a salad containing cyanide

if so did you have sex with the salad first?
i might have lol XD

have you ever had "relations" with a porcupine
yeah, it was awful XDDDD

have you ever saw your grandma naked?..
oh god sadly yes. ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

do you sleep naked when infants and toddlers are nearby?
yeah cause infants and toddlers make me all hot and bothered XDDDDDD (no not really lol)

do you ____ your ____ nightly?
hmmmm. i might lol

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havent written in awhile. i mean i want to, but i start to type then i erase it.
oh well.
dad almost lost his job this week.
we really need to go to get groceries.
we have nothing to drink.
im kinda just gathering up change that i find so i can get something to drink.
its been kinda hot lately
webcams have got to be the best invention ever lol
school starts in 5 days and we still haven't gone to get the crap i need.
ive got nothing good to say.
im just complaining.
but then again i always seem to complain.
my dad is a jerk.

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turns out im not nocturnal...well i mean i went to bed late and woke up early yesterday, so im kinda tired. so noooowww im goin to bed cause im an innocent little angel.......XDDDDD.
good night people of oasis, i'll see you tomorrow :)
peace out
funny pictures of cats with captions

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lacking_direction, ShowMeLove, will

shouldnt you guys be sleeping? XDD
hehe :)

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