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People of oasis!

wanna be in my lame movie??? :) pm me :D and i'll explain...

hahahaha no its not a porno.

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"we live on front porches, and swing life away. we get by just fine here on minimum wage..."

summer seems to have gone by so fast. i didnt really do anything, and thats why it suprised me. im gonna make a short movie. and its gonna be awesome. and im gonna put this song in the background. i just might start today. :). it should be done in a couple of weeks. i need scenic clips :o lol. and going to hemet is definately gonna help :DDD.

"Am I loud and clear or am I breaking up?
Am I still your charm or am I just bad luck?
Are we getting closer, are we just getting more lost?
I'll show you mine if you show me yours first
Let's compare scars I'll tell you whose is worse

do you drink out of the jug/bottle/carton?

yes, always
10% (2 votes)
no thats gross
30% (6 votes)
if im too lazy to get a cup
35% (7 votes)
just to piss someone off
10% (2 votes)
15% (3 votes)
Total votes: 20
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blah blah blah (random rantings and shit)

ok, now. dress.friday.fml. lol, no not really its not that bad. it could be worse. i have come to the realization that there are people (my friends) who can stay in a relationship for a year. A and D are going on 11 months :O, i was like duuuuuuude....nice. lol. but yay for them. they're the only couple that i know that have been together this long. usually my friends go through relationships like um....i dunno underwear? lol. so yay for them..again :DDD. i talked to mom not too long ago and she said she saw v at....guess where....WALMART! because everyone goes to fucking walmart.

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Mega Fail :D

nothing to say, just pics from :D

fail owned pwned pictures
see more Fail Blog

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its hot

its hot in here....cause ive got the oven on :) lol. which makes me crazy. but im sure all will be forgiven once dinner is served :)))))) it will be fucking delicious :DDDDD. anyways
laters :o

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random ranting :o

like the title says....duh :)
listening to owl city.....ALOT :D
oh and lily allen too >.>
messesd around with my profile cause i havent done that in awhile
ummm...staying up late...then getting scolded in the morning lol XD
school starts in 25-27 days.......i admit i am terrified :o
only cause it's a new school though
i hate switching schools
then i classify as an "out cast" for like a month
*sighs* as much as i like being alone sometimes, i dont like not having friends
i like having friends, and then ignoring them when i want to be a loner lol

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last night wasnt so great.....

so yeah, the title just about sums it all up. last night sucked alot. i hardly got to talk to her cause my idiot father decided to take me to the beach (i love going to the beach, i mean i really do. but last night i hated it) to go into the was cold and like the idiot he is he went ahead and got in. he suffered when he got out >.> anyways, last night was our aniversary(AlwaysFallingDeeper and me....I *shrugs*) and i only got to talk to her for half an hour.......that is not enough. i mean 3 hours is the usual, and half an hour just doesnt cut it.

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Pon and Zi (awwwwww :]])

tada! the finished product!
(it made her get all emotional and from what i hear she cried a bit :D)

ahhh! quick help me pick

More than words- extreme
14% (1 vote)
Yellow- Coldplay
43% (3 votes)
Iris- Goo Goo Dolls (she likes them :]]])
14% (1 vote)
or any sappy songs you can think of :)
29% (2 votes)
Total votes: 7
in rainbows's picture We made it!

its been a month officially :DDDDD for like 5 minutes :)
well at least for me lol
its been a month officially for her for like three hours already lol
thats all i can think about
that and her
i want to call, but i dont need to.
ive got a voice msg that she sent me like two nights ago :))
yeah i saved it O.O lol
she tells me to call her whenever i need to
even if i just need to hear her voice
even if she's busy
but she's sleeping :D and i should be too now that i think about it :)

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Long thick nine inch....

XDDDDD no offense to any of you who like sandra lee......

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oh i know why i fell for J's trap a couple months ago :P lol i mean....whoa, oh and then i find out that my friend Becky got into her pants :O i was like "w00t?!?!?!?" >.> but she didnt get any back from J XD. i was lke "dude! what was it like O.O" only cause id heard some gross stories involving J's private parts D: lol i mean like "ZOMG! ew!" the kind of stories that make you not think about sex for awhile. yah....i know.

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owies! my mouf ish on fire DDD:

ive been eating freezer burritos for two days....just cause they're so yummy :D. but apparently they werent lying when they named it "spicy beef". my mouth is on fucking fire D:. but the bean and cheese one i had before this one was yummy :). and salad is yummy too. especially with my raspberry-walnut vinegrette and cherry halves :o lol :))))
yay freezer burritos!....and salad :D

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Late Night Poetry (is it good? i dunno probly not)

I did cry
but only cause i gave up everything for nothing
only cause i realized
they were right
and i was wrong
but I look on the bright side
because it comes to me naturally
I realize that if none of this had happened
I wouldn't have met my current girl
who always makes the bad go away
just by saying those three words
who wont leave me alone
until she knows what is bothering me
who wont leave unless im feeling better
she treats me like a person
not like an object
I'll admit I did cry
but only cause I was afraid it would happen again

BAM! lol
night night ^-^

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