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i dont know why i feel like this, it was over anyway....

i feel like kicking someones ass. V was cheating on me before we broke up, it was all a waste of time and now i feel like a fucking idiot cause i fell for it. my family was right, for once. she was bad news. i fucked up my life, well life at home, and it was all a lie. fucking whore. my friends were right too. she was a bitch and she was cheating on me. Giving in to the urge in my pants was the worst mistake ive ever made. fuck her. fuck all of that shit. fuck everything i said about her, i was stupid enough to trust her when all she did was lie to me. i gave my virginity to a lying whore.

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oooooooh FEIST! lol

its still catchy....and cute ^-^

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who knew steam was hot? lmao

What would you say is your worst flaw?
ummm, i say or do the wrong things at the wrong time

How many times a week do you shower?
Either twice or every day. so like7-14 times a week :O

Would you say that people consider you a major flirt?
it might look like im flirting but most of the time im not. im just trying to be nice D:

Are you fluent in a language other than your native?
not really.

What color are your underwear?
Striped....thats all im saying o.O

Any weekend plans?
no. fuuuuuuck

Who has seen you at your worst recently?

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uh oh

ok when i said i was gonna break up with v it didnt happen exactly then and there.......she didnt find out until today....... and i felt kinda bad. but not sad, more of a "oops, my bad yo. no hard feelings right? *winces*" yeahhhhh. "you must hate me or you've got another lover on the side. i love being your fourth fucking friend." see? ehh its guilt more than anything. but not much. i actually kinda laughed. which is kinda sad lol. oh but she was gonna break up with me anyways, so no biggie. it was awkward.

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i got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good night :)

im not one for hiphop, but every now and then there comes a song that is just fucking catchy. in this case "i got a feeling"- Black eyed peas is that song :)) like oh my god :o lol maybe im just happy, again. i dont feel weird anymore. i just feel good :D. maybe its cause i just finished talking to her. and she just makes me happy. i dont know. i mean, ive never felt so cared about. it matters to her whether im happy or not. and if im not, she tries her best to make me happy. she comforts me when im feeling bad, or scared.

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oh oh oh

Megan Fox kills boys with her mouth!

hehe it makes her look creepy...but still hot....and creepy at the same time.... :O
my favorite lines
"i thought you only murdered boys..."

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A cluster fuck of surveys(i doubt you'll read it all)

because i obviously have no life....well social atleast.

How many piercings do you have?

Last song you listened to?
something by dj mangoo, idk

Who is the last person you kissed?
my ex gf

Have you kissed them more than 20 times?
i dont know and honestly i dont really care anymore

Where is your biological father right now?
at work

Today, would you rather go back a week or go forward a week?
back a week

Do you care if people talk badly about you?
i dont give a fuck what they say

Are you happy with where you're at in life?
ehh could be better i guess

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they came and knocked on my door

i just finished talking with two jehova's witnesses about the end of the was weird cause i havent gotten talked to about religion in like two months. "how to survive the aramgeddon" is basically what they gave me a free ticket to. the guy said something about sinners and people who are ignorant........hmmm. *shrugs* i played it off the same way i do when anyone else tries to preach religion to me. and it was in spanish so i didnt catch a few words,, im gonna go crawl back under my rock and play max payne some more

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"Do you have the time, to listen to me whine about nothing and everything all at once?"

we were supposed to go fishing yesterday...but then we changed the plans. we're going tonight instead. his ex girlfriend came over (i dunno why) and he thought i was angry cause she did. i wasnt. i was just being retarded. "whats wrong? you seem out of it..." yes. i guess i was. but for reasons that i dont really know of. i kinda feel the same way today :/ which totally sucks balls. balls and weiners. XD. :|. anyways.i feel shitty, and i dont know why. im not sad or anything that involves depression. i feel...blank. if that makes sense.

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longest survey ever......why not, ive gt nothing better to do :P

Dont you hate when radio stations continue to play the same songs?
not if its a good song....but then it gets annoying after awhile

Did you really ever have "the talk"?
hahaha, yes. seventh grade...although ive known since like 2nd or 3rd

Do you currently have a tattoo on your body somewhere?
noooo, but i want one D:

When’s the last time you had your hair cut, or cut it yourself?
like a couple weeks ago

Was the last thing you drank carbinated?

Do you ever match your shoes with your shirt?
haha sometimes, but not really

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Hookah Bar

hmm, i never actually knew what this was. until i googled it. i was(am)doing my hair and i needed a part my hair lol. and i finally found a pen and its from Desert Nights Hookah Lounge(or bar). it sounds like fun :) most places dont use tobacco shisha, they use herbal shisha (or some shit like that lol). and i do think it sounds like fun i mean its basically like a regular bar, but in stead of drinking alchol, they're smoking shisha. :) i wanna try. :P oh and since its herbal shisha, it contains no tobacco, tar or nicotine. making non addictive.....i think lol.

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For once everything seems so perfect......

im adopting my kitten :D wanna see him?????

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lions, and tigers, and bears oh my!

helll yeaahhh!! dad said i could do his billing for work, and he'll give me 5 bucks a piece. thats 2 or 3 a day, 6 or 7 times a week, thats $120!!!! a week! which isnt alot, but im basically a kid so it seems like gonna buy a kitten :). i dont know what to name him/her, but im already looking at supplies and making a list. hahahahahaha. im gonna have to save for awhile though....maybe like three weeks. i just added the total (not including kitten and vet fees) and its already at $146....which is better than before ($174)....... damn >.>.

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WHAT THE CRAP?!?!?!!?!????

i didnt know that dana dies D: that was a shocker..........well anyways this is a couple years late soooo dont mind me :)

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beautiful hot lesbian tea

i find the female orgasm i was watching the L word and a sex scene came on, i wasnt turned on...i was facinated at how beautiful a girl/woman looks when she climaxes......and it wasnt something you'd see in porn either, this looked very realistic, and with porn i dont "feel it", the amazement i get with those romantic sex scenes.........i think id enjoy porn more if they made it like that O.O i mean its kinda just like "wow..." gonna go finish watching the L word now....i just thought i'd share :)

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