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stereotypes suck

Information about me:

-I love musicals
-I love singing
-At a young age, I wanted to be a ballerina and an ice skater (still true now)
-I love the color pink (baby blue's pretty good too)
-Dancing is really fun
-I like dressing up
-There are a lot of shoes in my closet
-My favorite kind of alcoholic drinks are fruity
-I <3 playing volleyball
-I, for some reason, have a British accent even though I was born in the U.S.
-I love being barefoot
-I like coffee and tea ("i like my men like i like my coffee: black and rich XD ) (this isn't my quote btw)

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It happens

Okay so here's the deal. I'll tell you about some events in my life that may or may not involve food (It's kind of an addiction for me). So I was at this guys house. Nothing happened or anything. We just hung out and I slept on his living room floor. I'm not interested in him and he not in me which is good. It was an interesting night. I had class the next morning so I only go like a few hours of sleep because I have sleeping problems lately but thats okay.

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Okay so I had some awesome coffee with a friend. It was raspberry and chocolate flavored. Deliciousness. I also had some really good salads lately. I must say that the broccoli salad and the pasta/artichoke salads worked quite well on my taste buds. I must say that I think that my taste buds were dancing to the flavor of the salads. I'm getting a little bit carried away. Food works for me.

So I broke the whole eating only vegetarian food at midnight. That was fun. It was with a grilled ham and three-cheese sandwhich that I ate at the time.

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so here goes...

Okay so I need to write this while I'm still feeling this way. I will try to use the appropriate grammar so as not to offend people with my "emo poetry" as some people like to refer to it as. I met a couple people tonight that were very cool. *shakes hand with you* It was cool. I enjoyed hanging with people. It was fun. '

Applebee's was good. I enjoyed it. Then I hung with some boys. Fun stuff.

Then I hung out with S. I smoked a cigar. Got high. Coolness.

Then I decided to dance my ass off in front of a security camera. Kind of concerning.

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an idea

so sometimes i wanna change my name to something cool like houston. then i can be like "you wanna go south of houston?" hardy har har har. anyways but ya. id prolly have houston/rose. just because that's my middle name and i like it. its funny because i know another person named elyse. she spells it with a y (obviously). fun stuff. oh and we're kindred spirits. just so you know. its awesome. why is it that i think that everyone's gay? i love assuming people are gay until i find out otherwise. it might not be beneficial for them but it works for me.

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my day so far

period = bloody hell (say this in your head with an english accent). ok so i got up at like 7. then i like took a bath, shaved my legs and got dressed. then i made omelets. yayness. mine was with onions, red pepper, cheese and mushrooms. i made the other meat-eaters some too. i wanted to lick my hand after i cut the ham. that's how much i was craving meat. i know right? so then i went to my psychologist appointment. and we talked about stuff. it was nice. then i went to the voices for women on campus meeting (i was late sadly). after that, i helped make a banner for Take Back the Night.

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im a crazy bitch

Okay so Matt damon is kinda hott in good will hunting. im not gonna lie. its ok for me to say that. its a safe space. anyways. so we all know the quote? of course, right? "ya like apples?" "ya?" "i got her numba. how bout them apples?" it kind of puts me in a bad place when people on facebook do not understand my quotes n their meanings. sometimes i just trying to be way too subtle for people to understand. but ya i got this girl sarah's number and we'll see how that works out. eek. kinda excited! but ya. she said that she'd make me a mix cd. i don't know what that means. i mean.

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having hott flashbax

ok so i am listening to footlooses' soundtrack! awesomeness! i know right? i luv it so much. i saw it a really long time ago but i just enjoy listening to it so much. its like a drug im telling you. u don't need that stuff to be happy (psa for the day). its just the rock n roll that u need (not that drugs n rock n' roll aren't gonna happen at time). just sayin biotches. i seem to be misspelling things a lot lately. thats ok. i don't care. get ova it! so wazzup wit u? i have problems with saying wazzzuppp!?? that was my tagline n then i changed it. oh wells.

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accidentally on purpose

So I accidentally posted my thingy ma jig as a forum topic. Whoopsydaisy! oh wells. how's peeps around here? i miss every1. i have problems. im sorry im such a bitch. its not in my nature to be such a bitch. but whatev. hope all is well wherever u at! so ya. i didn't get to see sunshine cleaning last night. huge disappointment. but oh well. it happens. n if ur not listening to it download (legally pls) uh huh her's common reaction. i was bad n i was a pirate but im trying to change my ways. and also check out this hott chick on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/dallasmariespitzer. thnx bunches.

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soo life still continues

somehow the world continues even with all the crises going on around me. somehow i really i weren't so selfish. i wish i had been a better roommate.

i am moving back into my parents house. my roommate cant make the rent because of her stupid job. id stay there and get someone else to live with me but i dont really think thats going to happen. what will happen next?

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wandering thoughts

so i havent posted in a little while. felt the need. omg i read the first post i wrote on here and stuff. i love going back in time reading old journal entries. like i read one from my sixth grade english class today.it was a weird experience. i dont know how to explain it. i had a lot smaller view of the world back then tho. my world is still small but its getting bigger.

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what is really the point? i have no idea

do i really need my ovaries? can't i just get rid of them. eh too expensive. then id prolly go into early menopause. not fun. whats worse: cramps or hot flashes? that is the question.

why is it that we can't have a volleyball group that meets more than once a week. i dont think it fulfills my addiction to volleyball to meet just the one time this week.

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does it make me shallow that i want to see this film?

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omg so this week has been crazy. so i've seen three movies this week: but im a cheerleader, transformers and the dark knight (in imax no less : ). i liked all of them. the dark knight = amazingness. i think i was drooling after it was done. not really. or was i?

all i can say is i love beach volleyball : ) watching it on the olympics that is. not that i dont like playing it.

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yet another random entry

- i just started crying randomly during sisterhood of the traveling pants. so i think that its going to be that time of the month soon. i always get so emotional, its annoying.

-people keep smoking pot in the courtyard. its annoying because i hate the smell of pot. i wonder how they would react if i politely asked them to move fifty feet. lol.

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