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so im making my own pride merchandise in the form of tshirts and fabric markers. i already did a rainbow on one of the shirts. i need some ideas for the other one tho. i wanna do a phrase that would be catchy/humorous. not that im picky. so...ideas?

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the gymnast

So I saw the Gymnast. It wasn't very good. It was kind of slow and boring. Oh well. I am happy to report that blockbuster does carry the l word. You prolly already knew this. For a while I wasn't able to find it. I think I was looking in the wrong section. So it seems that I'm going to be going to Canada again. It's for my friend's birthday. I hope a lot of people come.

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too bad soo sad

So my brother had a bonfire last night at my house. It was really fun. They had a tent and everything. Nobody stayed it in tho. I don't know why. Prolly because it was too cold. I met this really cute girl there. She was from Kentucky and she had a really cute southern accent. Too bad she was straight.

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more reviews

Ok so I like reviewing things. It's weird I know. So I saw Made of Honor with a couple of friends. I thought it was really good. I loved the ending. It was a little predictable but it still moved along fast enough so that I didn't get bored. I really liked the main characters. They had really good chemistry. If u were looking for a romantic comedy to see on a date, then this is the one.

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lesbian fiction

So I read "Deliver Us from Evie." I wouldn't really recommend it. It was kind of below my reading level not to insult anyone who has read it and liked it. It just wasn't very fast-paced. It also didn't have that great of a plot. It didn't have that much lesbian content. Not that I wanted it to have adult content.

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I just felt like writing for the hell of it. I'm reading "Deliver Us From Evie" right now. I haven't been amazed yet. I got it off pinkbooks.com which is an awesome site in my opinion. I'll tell if I like the book when I'm done reading it. So right now I'm totally broke. I'm already going into credit card debt and I just got a credit card like a month ago. It sucks.

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weight watcher that's me

So I weighed myself prolly a month ago. Then I weighed myself the other day and it seems that I've gained about 7 lbs if i remember the last weight correctly. I don't know how. I usually watch that I don't eat that bad of food. I don't exercise that much but I'm not a couch potato. It's not like it's that bad tho. It kind of evened out all over my body since im 5'7". It helps, believe me.

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Slow Songs

So I'm listening to my slow song mix right now and crying. I'm afraid of failing this one class. Believe me it's a possibility. Sometimes I feel like such a failure. I don't have that great of a gpa. It's not that I'm a slacker. Sometimes I don't think I have what it takes to be a teacher. This wasn't even a required class.

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reviewing lesbian movis

Kissing Jessica Stein: 3 out of 5. it had a good plot but it wasn't very exciting

Better Than Chocolate: 3 out of 5. i liked the characters and what happened to them. it had a good ending.

All Over Me: 2 out of 5. boring.

High Art: 2 out of 5. bad ending.

Imagine Me and You: 5 out of 5. best lesbian movie ever. i loved the two actresses in this movie.

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This weekend is going to be so awesome. I can't wait. I'm going to Canada with a couple of friends to go to bars and go to the casino. I'm thinking the latter before the former. I don't think drinking should be mixed with gambling. I haven't really done anything exciting lately so this is going to be really fun.

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stuff about life

So it seems I may be going to Costa Rica during the summer. I'm trying not to get my hopes up because it's not official yet but it seems like it might actually happen. I can't wait!

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My Big Fat Gay Rant

This is my rant on homophobia.

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high art

So I watched this movie called "High Art" today. It wasn't very good. It had no plot, it was really boring and the ending was really bad. It was a little better than this other movie I had seen called "Love and Suicide" i think. I've seen "Imagine Me and You" but other than that I haven't liked any of the lesbian movies that I've seen.

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So I've decided to start counting calories. I know it's stupid but I want to be skinnier. I am not by all means a big girl but I still could lose a couple of pounds. I just want to look better in a swimsuit in the summer. Does anyone have any dieting tips? I've never dieted really so I could use all the tips I could get.

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Ok so I've been thinking about coming out a lot lately. So I want to kind of write down a few things I might say to my roommate. I guess she's the one I want to come out first to.Here goes:

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