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Valentines Dance

Today was our valentine's day dance. People were trying to set me and this girl up, which didn't really work :(
Also, on my previous post, I mentioned a one and a half year goal. I don't know what I was thinking; one and a half years seems pretty long. I'll probably tell him a lot earlier.

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Overnight Trip

So the field trip was really awesome.
Really really awesome.
58 hours with S. Also, the rooms we slept in were really, really, small. All the better. I think I'm better friends with him now, but that might just be me being delusional, as I am sometimes.

I guess I've always been a person to be close to everyone you know, and I like giving hugs and stuff so it doesn't seem weird to anyone that I hug S. a lot, which is good :3

I now have a goal. By the end of 2010, I have to tell him. One and a half years.

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I have a room with S.

I also get to watch him sleep.

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Short post

We're having an overnight trip.
Since its multi-class, I have a chance of getting the same room as S.

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A family friend is here.
Apparently I was 3 last time I saw him.
I don't think he likes me very much.
Oh, did I mention how hot he is?

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I don't know what to do

I guess this is what would be described as "lovesickness", what's happening to me. It's just terrible. I'm constantly thinking about him; even while doing schoolwork, studying, playing, trying to sleep, my thoughts constantly drift towards S. And then I'm just left with a feeling of sadness. It's completely overwhelming, to the point where I find it insanely hard just to keep my composure.

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Earlier I said that I thought I was over S.
My life is now more complicated. Once again.

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Haven't been on in a while...

Life isn't better.
I've been noticing guys more and more, and it drives me crazy how they're probably not gay, and that I'd have no chance.
I wish there was some kind of way to tell immediately.
I mean, would it be possible?

Also scared to death of the LHC.
I don't care about why gravity is weak,
or why there's more matter than antimatter;

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Something random about myself...
One of my biggest fears in murky water. The lack of not being able to see around you, and the general unknown of deep-water life.
I noticed this, probably, when I was smaller and playing Zelda 64 .
The water temple creeped me out.
My biggest fear is death.

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School's back

So school started on the 2nd
It was a happy day; I met all kinds of people I'd missed.
I'm in the same class as my best friends, I got the locker right outside my class, My teacher marks easily etc.
And, seeing S., I guess I'm over him.
He doesn't seem special or perfect or anything.
Just not important anymore.
It's been hard to find time to post recently.
Hope to have a great year

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"He just fell hard while riding his bike, that's all," Karen, 26 years old, explains to the doctor. She's holding her eight-year-old son, Daniel, by his hand tightly. His left arm has a hairline fracture, and is in a sling. Daniel remains quiet as his mother talks about him always falling, always dropping things, always getting into school fights.

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Yay passed my swimming lessons!

Finally passed >.>
It was so hard supporting that stupid 10 pound brick.
Apparently I've got to support a 20 pound brick next course >.>
Only 5 more courses + 4 years till I can make money off of this.
Wondering though, Should I take life guarding or instructing?
Suggestions appreciated.

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It's been a while...

A lot's happened since I last posted.
After my last post, I finally went to pick up my parts; It took a day to build my computer, which didn't work, and then the rest of the week to figure out I missed the LPT cable >.>
This computer's a lot faster, and has better internet connection, Hooray!

After that I headed off to summer camp.

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Continuing from yesterday...

I know I said I'd have a class about now, but it was really vague for what I signed up for- when I got there, turns out it was remedial English, so I'm not going there anymore, hooray!
So anyway, back to the guy I was talking about yesterday (I'll refer to him as J), he's 2 years older than me, and probably the person that made me firmly recognize my sexuality.

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Canada Day~

So today was Canada day.
It was fun.
We went out to eat and then went to this big town-wide event
There were fireworks at 10:00, I got there at 8:30, so for and hour and a half I walked around.
There were cheap fairground rides, didn't go on many.
I saw a bunch of people there I knew
Including the hawt Gr8 that i mentioned a couple of entries ago.

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