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Does Watching the L Word = Gayness ?

I should be getting ready for bed...but I am downstairs watching the L Word on Netflix. I would watch it on my computer and have a bit more privacy but my computer won't let me :) sister (who is my twin) likes to watch it also. She claims that she is not in fact gay. But um...really? I know (and usually I do) I should be patient, everyone has their own time for coming out and so on, and maybe she does in fact like it for the stories. However....really though...isn't that bullshit?

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Warning: I'm about to be a geek!


Phew...sorry. I just had to share an excited scream...and no not for my last semester of senior year at IUPUI but....because I think I met someone!


It's really, really early but can just tell that maybe just maybe there is something there.

And it's going to ROCK!

Yay! :D

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I Can No Longer Be A Couch Potato and Straight Friends

So I guess my dad caught on to the fact I have been procrastinating the massive to-do list I have for the rest of break by watching unatural amounts of television/movies/whatnot. Dang.'s a good thing. I need to get busy and face the reality that Christmas Break will not last forever and if I want to survive next semester some major prep work is in order. I think I have soaked up enough television and so forth to last me a few months haha. Last semester of senior year here I come! Eee...don't know if I can get that excited yet. Maybe just stoic acceptance.

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All My Children! :D

Watching the forever running soap opera All My Children....responsible for the first daytime kiss between two women! Yay for Bianca! (Even if she isn't on right now haha). Anybody else watch?

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I'm feeling quite sleepy after my shower and awesome dinner. Chicken, rice, and veggies. It was fantastic! I was hoping to see Avatar with some friends. (Well a friend and his friend). Unfortunately I can't get down town tomorrow. My driving skills are only proficient enough to get me around town. (Yes, yes I'm 21:D ). And my dad can't take me tomorrow. Patience. That's what I need. And lots of practice! :D Aw well.

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Disclaimer: I am horrible at keeping a journal. It has been forever since I have written on here. I will try to be better but I'm not going to make this an assignment that will put more pressure on me. Hopefully this will be something I find continually enjoyable and be something I look forward to doing. Boy this sounds a little negative :/

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Too Much to Process!

I'm sorry it has been such a long time! I just wanted to keep things bottled up for a bit (bad gabby! bad!). I went to that leadership camp and it was fantastic! It was really one of the best experiences in my life! I learned so much about leadership and myself it's amazing! I got really close to the people there. We all really bonded. We became a family of sorts! There was so much it is hard to process let alone put on here. I'm just going to write a little bit. Well for the week we all had to come up with a G.A.G. or going against the grain.

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I just saw STAR TREK for the second time! Better than the first! I'd really like to see it again while it is int theaters...probably when it hits Cinema Grill. (Did I mention I am a trekky? HUGE! Though I'm not a technical trekky...I'm more interested in the different races, cultures, and histories ...and of course the romance). The next step is to obtain the soundtrack. I went to Target and Bestbuy but no luck...probably will end up ordering it. It's so funny... I am a huge fan of Chris Pine ever since Princess Diaries 2 but I walk out of that theater adoring Spock!!!

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I am young. I AM YOUNG! Holy shit. No wonder my parents treat me like a sixteen year old. I AM A SIXTEEN YEAR OLD. I walk around thinking that I'm all enlightened because I can see how love and life can exist past the black and white world that society has created out of fear and the need to control our own destinies....but really I don't know shit! I am child because I THINK like a child. I don't see the needs of others. I don't think about their lives and their worries and how my actions affect them. I am too much caught up in my own world.

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A Shame (L Word Season Six Spoilers!!!!!)

Alright. Well I just found out (because I was googling instead of being productive) that the L Word spin off "The Farm" is off the table for good.

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Thanks again to everyone on this lovely site for your advice and wise comments! I do feel a lot better about everything. I'm starting to make some decisions...little ones and secret ones. I was thinking I could possibly move out by Fall of 2010 but I think I may have to move it up to Fall of 2011. I graduate in June of 2010 but I am going to go to graduate school (I plan on it anyway).

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Not 16- A Call for Help!

Hi. My name isn't Gabby but I am 21. However, my parents insist on treating me like a sixteen year-old (and I suppose I let them). I am not rebellious. I love my parents. I appreciate everything they have done for me (and that's a lot). It's difficult for me to break away. It's kind of like our family is a living organism and each person in the family is a vital organ or vessel. All the organs and vessels are connected and twisted around each other. If one separates from the rest...the organism dies (and I imagine a horrible tortuous death). I don't want to cause this.

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