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Lipstick lesbians aren't real lesbians

So according to my sister I am not really gay because I am a "lipstick" lesbian. Just because I don't wear flannel and have super short hair doesn't mean that I'm not gay. What a silly breeder ;P.

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Possibly Chicago?

Soo I think I might move my college dreams to Chicago. Its really close and well is good with LGBT stuff. And plus I can go visit my bff Oprah and her girlfriend Gayle :) My sister just went there this weekend for her college. The bitch wouldn't let me hide in her suitcase so I could come too lol. She went to a gay bar but it was mostly guys she said. I would so love to go to the Pride Parade there. Ours was more like a festival but it was still cool, just on a way smaller scale.

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Blehh :)

As much as I hate to say it..I kind of want my school to start. In the sense that I will be out of this house and away from the other people that live in it. :) joy.
But I'm managing XC and after school tomorrow I have to go to the practice. I'm not sure what I'm doing for it, I'm assuming passing out water lol. I'm gonna be a water boy! But now that I have this practice I can't go to Starbucks with Lee after school, I don't know how I'm going to survive!
Blah blah blah.

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I want my industrial pierced!!!

Yes its true I want my industrial pierced and I don't care if it will hurt! My mom is in town and I tried to talk her into signing for me to get it done and I showed her a picture of it and she was like noo. :( and she asked me when I became "punkie" and if it was part of my whole "gay thing". Seriously that woman is not very bright sometimes. I was like to become a member of The Gay you have to get your industrial pierced so I need it to make my conversion complete ;p

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Pills a no go

Well I'm single again. The Ex turned out to be a total fake. Not good for business. And she was a pill popper. I have no room to judge but that stuff is not good to do on the daily. Its just a no for me. She also liked to make me jealous, which never really worked because I guess i just don't get terribly jealous because idk call me crazy, but I trust the people I date until they give me a reason not too?
She also only talked to her ex-girlfriend to get pills from her.
Oohh and she has no class. We broke up through a text message :). Lame.

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Falling for someone is scary.
But damn does it feel so good to see her.
And kiss her.
Just be around her.
I've never felt this way before.
I like it.

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A happy journal! :)

I'm sooo happy!!!!!!
I saw Wicked lastnight! It was absolutly AMAZING! I loved it!!! I like how they interepreted the book and everything. :D
Also..... I have a girlfriend! Yup. I'm happy. She's amazing. :) But I'm not going to be one of those annoying people that are all like blah blah about the person they're dating...although I'm sure I'll have my moments. haha
I am going to say this though... I had a game Wednesday and when we got back to the school I get off the bus and there is a rose on my car :) So sweet. We weren't even dating then.

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The chemistry between us could destroy this place

Soo my summer has been very bittersweet. I'm grounded, like big time grounded and in deep shit. :) go me!

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Lez B Friends

I almost bought a shirt that said "Lez B Friends" at Hot Topic but didn't have enough money. :'( Hot Topic has had a lot of gay shirts lately.

3 more days left of school! I want to be able to just be lazy for a little bit. I know I'll get sick of it but I just want to lay around for a few days instead of having to go to practices. I had softball practice at 7am today. On a Saturday. Not cool.

I'm going to go see Wicked in June! I'm soo excited. My sister, stepmom, grandma and me are going. We got really good seats too.

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Love, fence, coffee oh my!

9 more days until summer break!! I can't wait! You have no idea. I'm sooo ready for summer. I just want to sleep in for once on a saturday. That would be nice.
Um funny story..

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Slam Poetry anyone?

I've been listening to Slam poetry a lot lately. Its so moving. I just like reading poetry in general since I can't write it. But then again I've always been horrible at putting my thoughts into words. I listened to this one by a Palestinian girl about hate. And these guys saying how they are feminists even though they are men. And another one about this woman wanting to marry her girlfriend so she can have the right to see her when visiting hours at hospitals are for families only.

In other news....

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So my Day of Silence wasn't silent at all. EVERYONE at school knows I'm gay now. Jen told a few people during one of her classes, which is cool cuz idc anymore, and one of the girls sent a forward to everyone in her phone telling them I am gay. Haha. Thats kind of weird, yet amusing because why would you send a forward of that? Idk maybe I'm more popular than I thought. Ha ya right.

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I frequent awful places frequently

I have a problem.
I'm starting to crush on this girl. Who I'm is straight. Of course.
I'm shooting my hopes down, because well, it saves me from getting all upset.
This isn't the first time I've done this to myself. I'll get over it in a few days. It just sucks really bad being the one of the few open gay people.

oh. well.

I was suppossed to have 3 softball games this week but they've all gotten cancelled because of the rain. I'm kinda glad too. The weather lately has matched my mood.

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So I play softball. And apparently there is this rule that everyone in softball knows about.. If you wear a ribbon in your hair you are straight and if you don't you are a dyke.
I think I'm going to buy a rainbow ribbon and wear it. :)
Speaking of rainbows my dad wants me to take my rainbow sticker off of my car still and I'm not going too.

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Goodbye Mr. Rainbow Sticker

I got this rainbow sticker from Spencer's and put it in my back window in my car. I've had it there for oh about 3 weeks now. No big deal. Well my Dad saw it today. And he was like whats this about?? Um I guess I'm showing my pride and I smiled. He told me to save that stuff for when I get my own vehicle. I didn't say anything back to that. And he has reminded me 3 times now to take it down within the last 5 hours or so. I really have no choice but to take it down, because if I don't he will and then I'll never get it back. My dad can be really cool and then he can be a total dick.

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