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i know its long..but think of what u'll be missing....=)

Have you ever gotten that one phone call where everything stops and all u can hear is your heart racing and the other person

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oh god.....i need help pleaseeeee.....

ok so yeah, last night my BEST friend's (since 6th grade and im a freshman in college) boyfriend IMs me. Which isnt abnormal, because we've become friends too. He was acting really nervous and not making much sence. So i'm like "Eddie, would you just tell me whats wrong" So he spits out that fact that he's GAY!

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hey everyone,

I've been visiting this website for a while, but was always afraid to post or to actully join the community. And when the site crashed (broke, whatever...) I was almost relieved, because that meant I couldnt sneak on my computer to read the stuff all of you have written. Because it meant I didn't have to "come out" because it meant i was alone yet again, and that maybe just maybe I could keep lying to myself for a few more days....

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