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Since I haven't been on here in awhile, I thought you would all like to know what is going on in my life. I'm am assistant manager where I work and I'm in a great relationship with an amazing woman. I've never been happier than I am now. My girlfriend and I live together and we love it. I have some really amazing friends in my life. I finally have people who support me in any decision I make and my dad has finally come to accept that I am lesbian. My family has me my girlfriend and they all like her. And she likes them. It's amazing to actually be happy. Things are picking up for me.

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Long time, not entry.

It has been quite some time since I posted anything, so I figured I'd just say hi to everyone. If you wanna talk, just send me a message. I'd love to hear from you all.

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I haven't been on here in awhile. Looks like I didn't miss anything though. Lol. Anyway, send me a message if you're up for it. I have time now that I'm free of my last relationship. I'd love to hear from some of you.
Later, Tarra.

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Happy Birthday to me!!

Today is my Birthday!! Yep, just thought you should know.

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Your words

They cut deep

Penetrating my very soul

Crushing every hope, every dream I had

I don't care, that's what you think

But when you speak, you cause my heart to sink

Your judgment, it can't be right

For you don't know the story behind my fight

At first glance

I don't have a second chance

You analyze me

By what you might see

You twist and turn my words, turn them into lies

And then, I'm the one you all despise

What I've done to you, I'm not sure

A disease I can't cure.

By: Tarra Bridges

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Read this

Nobody ever talks to me on here and if they do, it's very short. I may not have this account much longer. It's pretty much just here, empty.

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Talk to me.

I'm just bored. I'd love to get some messages from you lovely people.

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Being single

Being single really sucks. It's hard to find a girlfriend and when I find someone I start to like, they find somebody else.. I've been single for awhile and it's getting very old. I'm trying to find a girlfriend but I'm having no luck.. :(

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I'm going to see my nephew today and it'd be lovely to come home to some messages. Or friend requests on face book. All you have to do is search Tarra Bridges. But really, I would love some messages.

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So, I'm like never on here. I've got a lot going on. If you'd like to reach me, the cells good. Don't have the number? We might be able to change that.

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So I've realized

that I don't want to try and please somebody anymore. For the longest time I was always with somebody or looking but I've realized that I don't want to anymore. I'm okay with being single. Yes, I still love Melissa, my first ever girlfriend, but I'm okay with us being friends. If it's meant to be later in the future it will happen. Now, I'm just trying to make friends. So if you want to be my friend hit me up. I have myspace and myyearbook and even facebook. Just send me messages and we can be friends. So, I'll talk to you kids later.

-Tarra :)

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Ugh, I'm sick

I have a UTI, and I'm sick to my stomach.
I had a sharp pain in my back and near my hip yesterday and it got progressively worse so I went to the doctor. My friends were laughing at me a joking about me being pregnant. I just thought I had a catch in my back, but no, it's a UTI. Anyway, I'm going to lay down and try to get some rest. Make me feel better. :(

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I just thought I'd post one of these thingies. I don't know what to say so I'll just say random things. My life is going pretty good right now. I'm less stressed and I've been less angry. I got rid of people who caused me problems. So, If you want to talk feel free. I don't really know what to say. Gosh! OMG!! It's spring break and I'm so excited. I'll probably hang out with my girlfriend. So, you people should have a nice day and days to follow.

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I'd really like some messages from you amazing people. Yeah, that'd be nice. And you can ask for my myspace, facebook and myyearbook. Anyway, message me. I'd really enjoy it.


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I'm bored so

If you want to talk to me, please message me!! And if you want to talk to me and I'm not online you should totally text me. But you'd have to get my number first. It's not hard. Just ask me. But there's a trick. I don't give it to just anybody. If I don't talk to you on here then I won't give it to you. Anyhow if you want my number, message me and we can talk. Then later on I'll give you my number. Okay? Oh! Yesterday was fun by the way. I got dumped!! Haha. It was lame. I'm totally okay with it. I may be getting with my friend. If not I'm just going to chill for awhile and make new friends!!

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