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I haven't posted in 2 years

I saw this movie today:

It was good. I reccomend it.

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I wish.

I've got a brain in my head.
A scarf around my neck.
Some chapstick in my pocket.
And my heart with a boy.

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David Levithan and Mama Mia.

Wow guys. I really want see MAMA MIA. Like, fer shure. Haha. I mean, sure, I want to see The Dark Knight and all, especially after the reviews my friends have given me, but still, I want to see Mama Mia more than anything.

Musical + Meryl Streep= Instant hit.
Or, at least in my mind.

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My mother is...

Absolutely ridiculous. Here I am, back in my hometown, when some old friends are like: "Hey, let's hang out at the mall." So I'm all for it, but I get a call from my mother saying I can't go unsupervised because she doesn't know these kids. What the hell? I thought maybe getting away from her for a few weeks would make her just a smidge less controling. SURPRISE. I was wrong.

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