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i offically love the internet....

ok, has anyone here heard of a site called 'the hex files'? if not, i pity you! it's great! i just spent like 3 3/4 hours on it reading hp/dm fanfics, and loving them! they are one of the better sites i've visited and i am now addicted to them.

i'm also addicted to the manga called inuyasha... yeah, if my friends ever find out about this, i'm not going to live it down....cuz i kept busting their chops about them going on&on&on&on about it and now i do the same thing....

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mater mea modo adimere tentaverit

my mom might be dying by her own hand.
i awoke this morning to the bellevue police department banging on the door, and when my dad let them in i got dressed and came upstairs, but not before i put it all together.

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my poem..."to a very dear friend."

"Valde specialis amicus"

'Bonum, malum vidimus omnes, /
alium adiuvat nos cum caderem,
per tempora anni per /
nostris risu, nostroque ploratu /
ego tibi et mihi et /
consideratis ego propinquans familia /
non sit relicta vacant secreto /
amicitiam valet multo auro /
etiam videtur mundus nigris /
invenies inferre retro /
ostendere signa videre occasum /
Haec sunt in sempiternum non obliviscar /
scire nobis longa credas scimus omnia /
Sed quaedam de nobis quasi Qabala /
scio voles siue conseruatio jam fragum /
si scitis ut vel exponere verbis nisi /

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musical survey... please copy and paste w/ your answers.

Are you a musician? In a Rock Band? Symphony Orchestra? High School Band? Marching Band? Fill out this survey geared to musicians. It's different than the typical surveys, if anything!

Copy, paste and tag your musician buddies!

1. What instrument(s) do you play?
Clarinet, with a bit of piano, percussion and bones.

2. When did you start playing your instrument(s)?
Started singing in the church choir in like 1984, then moved on to piano in 1986, then clarinet ever since 1988.

3. Private Lessons or School?

4. Garage Band, or Accompanyment while singing (for guitar)?

how many of you pick icons based on....

5% (1 vote)
to fit 'your clique'
0% (0 votes)
M.O.M.(Mood Of Moment, NOT Ministry Of Magic!)
16% (3 votes)
for humour
11% (2 votes)
to fit your personality
68% (13 votes)
Total votes: 19
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Jacjessen90's story

tell me what you think.... i'll add more as i have time....

jac's COST (coming out story told)

chapter 1

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my story...

tell me what you think....

jac's COST (coming out story told)

chapter 1

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my dual lang. poem....

ich lebe klaver(i love piano)
das musik ist sehr schon, nicht?(the music is very beautiful, no?)
leabe ist horan(to hear is to love)

auf deutch mein lebst(in german i love)
ein mannlinn mit grun augen(a man with green eyes)
und ein gross hartz noch(and a big heart too)

what do you think?

what language do you find most beautiful?

7% (2 votes)
17% (5 votes)
3% (1 vote)
28% (8 votes)
10% (3 votes)
3% (1 vote)
0% (0 votes)
3% (1 vote)
10% (3 votes)
other(spesify please)
17% (5 votes)
Total votes: 29
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i'm back!!!!!

hey guys... i'mback!!!

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odd thoughts from the last 48 hours....

*i hate my family, right now, but i love Love, LOVE my cuz!(he shows strong possability of being a membor of the league, he asked me for advice, i say i'm busy, he said what the advice is and i say "you'll be over in 5?" he wants advice on joining the cheerleading squad! he's either family or my mini-me...he's so like me it's scary!)
*am i the only one who cryed for the first time in the seventh book when dobby died?
*i think i've been kicked out of my church...(any guesses why???)

good choices for a wedding's song??

joyful,joyful, we adore thee~beethoven
14% (1 vote)
can you feel the love tonight~elton john & tim rice
14% (1 vote)
wind beneith my wings~jeff silbar &larry henley
0% (0 votes)
i swear~john michael montgomery
29% (2 votes)
i honestly love you~olivia newton-john
0% (0 votes)
holes in the floor of heaven~steve warner
0% (0 votes)
livin on love~allan jackson
0% (0 votes)
forever and ever amen~randy travis
0% (0 votes)
any man of mine~shinia twain
0% (0 votes)
bless the broken road~rascell flatts
43% (3 votes)
Total votes: 7
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medical 'WTF?'

ok...wtf? can guys get pms? i ask because: 1) i'm the bitchyist person in my family right now,2) i'm ready to rip out someone's throat for 1 peice of gheradelli, 3)i've got aches and pains from here to hell and back 4) i'm an emotional basketcase, crying and laughing both in the space of 30 sec., 5)nothing in my closet fits, and 6) i've got really weird cravings...like a tuna-fish and cherry-pie-filling sandwich

anybody know what's up?????

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on going poem...whatcha think?

soothe thy inner flame
it burns thy soul and body
not known is it though

in the name of both
the god and three-fold goddess
may this be true love

in apothicare
our eyes meet over monkshood
and our hands both touch

as we both reach for
the same parcel of vervain
we become entranced

his eyes bewitch me
rings of purest, clearest blue
his soul on display

skin of cream-soaked silk
pale as moonlight on the sea
smooth as quicksilver

as i ask his name
i scrounge for a parchment sheet
found i scrawl contacts

the next day i see
a number and 'unknown call'

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..doesn't any one read what i write? i dothis for a reason!(even if i don't know what it is 1/2 the time...) if you see my name read it you don't hafta comment but if you do thanks!

done with bitching now!:)

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