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So I find myself in need of help. I think I still love my ex and i thought i was over it. I have this clash of emotions because I care about someone (baby) but I feel as my heart has been taken and my ex refuses to give it back. But then again I planed on moving forward with someone that has a girlfriend so that was a mistake. I don't know what to do, I'm honestly desperate for a way out.

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Today was the end of a relationship, mine and baby's. I guess I couldn't do it anymore, I like her and she knows that but Miss. Queen of the world, as she likes to call herself can't be selfish and have everything. She can't have her girlfriend and me at her sleeves.

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It’s not a need or a want but a right.
To fly and submerge and feel, no not feel, desire.
Closer and unreachable, it’s never enough.
You give the needed but it’s never sufficient
We always want more, I always want more.

To let go seems easy to write.
To write is never easy to express.
I hold on, still holding.
I open my eyes and its reality
But it feels like my world.

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Your Authority

Be the open mind of the immortal
Search reality to its roots
Give and take the ecstasy
Spoil the numerous powers of imagination
With the unthinkable pretend; it’s in the abyss

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This is all so new to me. I keep saying I'm Bi in a way of self defense because in my head it makes it ok to be half gay. But I think its time to stop with the pretenses and accept the truth of what I am and that is a full on lesbian.

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