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Day 2

Yesterday's symptoms are lessened, but fuck does my stomach and chest hurt.

Owie wowie.

But progress, yay? I get cookie?

Are you vegetarian or vegan!?

21% (4 votes)
21% (4 votes)
Neither (I likes me the meats)
58% (11 votes)
Total votes: 19
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Quitting Smoking Day 1

Fuck I feel like SHIT. It could be worse though, but it's still pretty bad.

I have the following withdrawk symptoms:
Mood swings,
Excessive sweating,
Dizziness, and Fatigue.

And occasionally I hack up black stuff, it's ick.

But I haven't given in yet, the encouragement I get from y'all on oasis really helps.

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Just an addidtion to the earlier journal, not sure if anyone would notice a simple edit.

I'm allowed to be scared of the withdrawls right?

Cause I am.

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Guess what.

I'm quitting smoking, I'm sick of it, in every last goddamned way, withdrawls will suck, but I truly don't care anymore, FUCK SMOKING.

So uh, wish me luck and send me aid with your mind powers to help me overcome my shitty ass addiction please oasis.

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Well, it's been forever.

Just wanted y'all to know I'm still alive with another of my few-and-far-between updates.

-My parents just got back from their two-week holiday in Australia, to inform me we'll probably move there at the end of 2010. (PM me guys who live in Aus!) I watched the house while they were gone and it didn't burn down or anything, but I got little more than a pack of smokes and a pat on the back, so I feel a little under-appreciated. (Then again they don't know I fainted 3-4 times from the stress.)[THat makes me sound pathetic and whiney....]

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Oh and, by the by,

Anyone got any cool ideas that could be condensed into 30 seconds? Might come in handy/gimme inspiration for my 3D final, the character has to be rigid body though, like a robot or a stone golem or somethin'.

Any idea is good, just toss 'em all in here or PM me if you don't want everyone to know,

lets do this quick an' dirty people, hope you all brought protection >:3

Who likes crumpets?!

63% (5 votes)
Not me!
0% (0 votes)
Only if they get me sex!
38% (3 votes)
Total votes: 8
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Two movies, two days.

Today I saw District 9, it was cool, I nearly cried a couple times, the Cg was fuckin' HOT. And the ending was the awesome/adorablement.

Yesterday I watched Milk with A. I cried, I laughed, I smiled, I cried again, I cried a third time.

So to summarise, milk is the BEST MOVIE I"VE EVER SEEN.

I probably won't see a better one, hell I don't want too, just thinking about it makes me cry a little, also, I think it made me come 33% more out of my shell in general instead of just around A, normally I can only be my super femmy self around A, but that movie made it so much easier to be me.

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Love me.



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Submit a Journal, Like a Boss

Hey everyone, I totally disappeared and now I'm back.

Like a Boss.

I've been hella busy lately with my animation course, but there's a couple problems.

1) I'm not doing very well at all... TT_TT

2) It's just not interesting anymore, because...

3) I want to be a film director!!!

Must, direct people.

And draw yaoi. Which Im gonna go do know, opinions on my career choice or advice or just hugs and love would be nice.

I demand hugs/love!!!

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Lately I've been feeling like I'm a girl. Like I should be a girl.

Maybe it's because of my environment, being so effeminate when the only men I see and are around are all manly.

I look down and resent my package, and the fact i don't have boobs.

A don't get it, I'm so confused, I don't like girls, I never have, but as soon as I'm thinking I'm a girl, I want them!?


I don't know what to think any more, and it's not like I can cross-dress for any period of time, just to try it out you know?

What do I do?!


Am I boring?

0% (0 votes)
100% (6 votes)
Total votes: 6
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Whats up my ninjas!?

Another one of my intermittent updates that I often can't be fucked doing yay;
1) I failed my traditional animation project by 3.5% and now I have to redo it and get 16.5% more than the mark I got first time 'round. I was the only one who failed in my whole class.

2) Luckily, my matte painting summative is going well.

3) I have hair like John Cuzack (if thats how you spell it)

4) I can't stop listening to Captain Falcon's theme song.

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Guess what guys and gals!

My counsellors are thinking of closing my case file next month, yay!
I suppose that means I'm NOT insane! WOOOOH!
At least I won't have them bothering me all the time.

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