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Date of Birth:
July, 18, 1991

Scarbourough, England

Current Location:
My bedroom

Eye Color:
Blue-green,yellow-green,green,gray (It changes, I'm a MUTANT)

Hair Color:
Dark Brown


Mixed- English,Scottish, Irish,South African

Two in right ear.

None, sadly....


Do you trust your gaydar?

25% (4 votes)
31% (5 votes)
I don't believe in Gaydar
0% (0 votes)
44% (7 votes)
Total votes: 16
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I'm back!

I'm back, remember my last journal? Well my parents took my outness super well, I can bring boys home, I can do whatever, they don't care! 'cause they still love meeee. YAYYYYYYY!

Wonder how the last remainin' family members'll take it?

Oh well.

I love you oasis. *LASERLOVIN'*

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I know I said it was the last.....

but I'm coming out to my parents!
I'm leaving them a coming out letter just before A and I go to Auckland. So they have time to get over it, or at least START.

Hugs to Oasis. Wish me luck?

God-willing, they'll still love me.

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Probably last entry 'fore goin away for a week.

Hey Oasis.
A and I are both quitting smoking. Yay. I think. Of course on the very day we decide to quit my parents buy 75 ciggarettes and leave lyin''round the place.
Otherwise, I am happy.
I've started enquiring with Lifeway as to their views on LGBTQ in general, hopefully, I get a positive respoinse and aid in setting up a GSA group at Lifeway.

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Holy shit good news!

Guess what oasis!

I've been accepted at Lifeway! I'm officially going to the 3D animation course!!!! YAY!!!!!

Everythings good right now, my sister's getting married, my brother is joining the signals corp of the army, I'm accepted, A and I are going to auckland this weekend and we'll get to go to an LGBT meeting into the bargain, and possibly buy sex toys!

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It's been a while.

Hey Oasis, it's been a while.

I had a panic attack a little while ago, I feel weak... moving on.

My sister is getting married! Yay! Even if her fiance is a bit of a homphobe..... but I get to be the ringbearer! You must destroy the ring Mr. Frodo! LOLCATS/ROFLCOPTER.

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Ow my back!

So it's the summer holiday now and I get 2 months off before I start studying 40 hours a week, yay, can't wait. (NOT sarcasm!)

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Last exam today!! XD

Yay it's my last exam today and then I'm done with high school FOREVER! No more "That's gay, your gay, fag this fag that!" YAYYYYY!!!!!!!!

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I came out to my Sister!

I came out to my sister! She was totally fine with it, if a little shocked. Best possible result. I feel so much better now.

Thanks Oasis. You guys are so much help.

*hugs and kisses for all the Oasis peoples*

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Should I come out to my sister?

Should I come out to my sister?

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Today I feel....

Today I feel:
like a failure
and lonely.

I should be studying for maths but I can't bring myself to do it. I feel like it's too pointless to bother, I'll probably fail maths no matter how much I study.....

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Media Exam

Hey Oasis.

Had my Media exam today. I wrote 1419 words in two hours. I don't know how impressive that is, but here's a rundown.

402 words: The Gun-Slingin' Western Hero (Western genre study)
411: Portrayal of violence in western films (Western genre development)
606: representation of Young Women.

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I'ma firin' mah lazar! X3=========>>>> O:

Hey all. Thanks for the welcome and subsequent rainbow fuelled hugs.

Had my first exam today, English. No big deal, I think I did okay, I have Media tomorrow, and after that, the easy part is over. Can't say I'm particularly excited.

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Me sad/ Hey Oasis first post.

Hey Oasis. (Yey first post????)
Exams soon. Not ready.
I wish I had a boyfriend.
I wish someone was in love with me.

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