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Ok, so i'm fucking tired of being and feeling lonely, and i know that i have to just let this stuff happen (metting a guy), but it isn't happening.
And i go out, and smile and flirt a little.

So, that's it, i'm starting to meet people via on-line. I don't know why i feel so uncomfortable with that, i guess i think of it as a failure or lack of something.

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The question is...

Would i look like a total fool if i go out next friday with the guy from the last post?

Guess i'm just horny....

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So, i'm "home", arrived a week ago. The house is a mess, just coming here to sleep.
I fell like the kid in the movies that goes to his dad's place on the weekends and his flat is shity. Only thing's that my parents are not splitting up, just live in different cities, which makes it more complicated, i guess.

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Soooo, the guy...

There's this guy i really like that it's really hot and fits my type and has this sexy mysterious look.

Anyway, the thing is that not me nor my friends can tell if he's gay or not. Which has always been an issue 'cause i like masculine guys but usually eye contact clears it all.

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Just got off the phone with my mother, i'm living alone no parents around and she still gets to me...

Don't get me wrong, i love her, i (usually) have a good relationship with her but when she's angry or tired or sleepy she takes it out on the world, and today the world turned out to be me. She hanged up on me.

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Hmmm- first post- coming out

So i just signed-up here, wish there was an about section, but anyway...

Mi name is José or Joseph or Giuseppe or just Jos, i live in mexico city, am 18 years old, studyin biology (love it!)
I had a blog once, well twice, but i felt, twice, that it was just too public, and i guess this can also get too public...

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