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I gotz a boredz oscarz haircutz

im bored>> nothing to dooo>> im doing homework, but still bored>>. So i got a haircut...xD. http://i322.photobucket.com/albums/nn416/zyking/DSC04545.jpg I think it's sexy xD Mark think's it's sexy too 8D...soooooo...did anyone else watch the Oscars? Cause i did :D What do you guys think about it? I thought Milk would win best picture D:(but im biased xD) and i'm glad slum dog millionaire. So homo lactose product> lawl.

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i think i'm ugly, dunno why. Just do.......i have to go back to school tomorrow =/ my week off flew by like a flash and now i have to go back to my early morning routine. I wish school wasn't as fucking long as it is, and there really isn't anyone hot to make going to school worth as much xD.

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Guess im new

Yo, my name is Zach, I'm 14 (well about), and i like guys, i guess......I also like ham c: favorite color is......idk, depends on my mood, and depends on if i want the color to give people seizures. Also, almost no one freaking knows I'm gay, except like one of my best guy friends and, like, 3 girls.

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