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The Gender of Attraction

So lately I've noticed that rather than be sexually attracted to a certain sex, since I do not believe I should date anyone until I become more comfortable with myself, I have been attracted to the people I see who seem to be genderfucked.

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Count 'em...1,2,3,4...10!

So I know its been a bit since I last did one of these, so here goes...
and not saying this to single anyone out, but I'm not going to share my mood, I'm just giving a quick update before I fall asleep. So, comments are welcome but you don't have to if you don't want to.

1) Tomorrow, after about 4 months, I will be "graduating" from this current therapy group I'm in.
2) After this one I move onto another one, don't know my exact starting date just yet, but soon.
3) Tomorrow I'm meeting up with the friend of mine who has my binder.

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He just texted me and told me the binder came to his house today!

Now just hoping that the weather cooperates so I can meet up with him tomorrow and he can give me the binder and I'll pay him back.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh WELCOME TO THE WORLD, ELI.

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Right now I'm accepting it. Okay, there, I said it. I'm trans. But before I'm trans, I'm a person.

Thinking of making a performance poem because right now I feel okay. Not great, but okay.

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Me and My OOBE

Feeling very depressed. Right now I'm having an OOBE (the fastest way for me to say an out-of-body experience). I've been having these often. I've been listening to music for an hour or so and trying to fill out a questionnaire for school. It should be easy because its just stuff like What's your name?, What's your favorite literature? and such, however I'm having some trouble. I've been staring at my computer accomplishing nothing for maybe 45 minutes now. I don't know where time has gone. I've been staring expressionless straight ahead.

This isn't the first time.

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This isnt a good sign of whats to come

So my left shoulder really hurts and I just started binding like 10ish minutes ago, granted, I haven't done it in maybe three days. Right now I'm just layering bras.

Binder should arrive soon, though. Excited :).

I have to admit, I was very tempted to make an email address excitedtobeflat.

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So its a funny thing you mention that because

(I'm sorry if that title seems oddly distant from the rest of my journal. When I started out this journal entry, what was it, like thirty minutes ago--I went back at the very end of writing this whole post to do the beginning over again---the title somehow was going to relate. But I can't remember how or what it meant.)

So I was going to write out this journal entry, first last night, then earlier today. Both times I had a relatively good idea planned out of what I wanted to say (well, write). But its a rather good thing I didn't write because of what was going on.

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There are those lines you just crossed. How don't you see them?

As annoyed as I may get with my parents, I can do that because they're MY parents. (Dunno if the emphasis is on my or parents).

When I said "I can't" for hanging out, saying "You always can't. Your parents are jail keepers" is inappropriate and you have crossed the line. Don't you see?

We cannot be friends.

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I'm Sorry for Keeping you Hidden

I'm sorry for keeping you hidden. I know I've kept you in the dark about everything that's going on. When you ask, "How are you?" I say "Fine" because maybe that's just the easiest. I know for this you consider me a better conversationalist than maybe I would be if I said more.

I am having urges to confess. I want to just email my Psychology teacher and tell her what's going on. I can picture it in my head, going to her office hours, to tell her. But I can't. I'm controlling the urge.

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Sometimes, when things progress, I wish they wouldn't

Sometimes, when things in my life start to progress, I start to wish they wouldn't.

So my ftm, trans friend, well I emailed him all the information about what size, style, color, quantity of the binder. He's buying it tonight. And sending it to his house and i'll pay him back. I'm so excited that I'll finally be able to wear a v-neck shirt. But I must admit, I'm also a little bit nervous.

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When they checked my levels

I won't be able to fall asleep unless I write this, so here goes...

Going back a few months to August 29, 2010. When they checked my sanity levels. I Won't give you all the gross details of what the waiting game was like when I was in the emergency room. Unless you want them, that is.

But for the first time in three different visits to the emergency room over the course of these last two years, this was the first time they checked my sanity. Actually. They asked me if I knew what year it was and if I could tell them who was the president and where I was at the time.

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Quickly Ranting.

So I just saw a thriller movie that I swear is going to keep me up for hours more. I didn't watch it by was for school.

Anyway, today is my 2-year coming out anniversary.

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This is not for you if you want to remain hunky-dory.


That's right. Someone messaged me on Facebook saying "Whats ur condition?"


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So...orientation (But this isnt anything sexual)

Today went to college orientation.

I only talked with the dudes there. And when I did, I noticed I've been lowering my voice. And saying less and things that are less associated with girls.

I texted a guy friend of mine "Its cold as balls." (meaning outside). That's the first time I've said that.

Oh and I need to tell you about the rest of today...
so this is going to sound weird, so AWKWARDALERT ahead of time. But today, i really had to go to the bathroom and I ended up not going ...blahblahblah dysphoria.

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Get Outside.Now.

Outside it is beautiful. The sky is a light blue with light purple stripes. Looks like the trans pride flag. Maybe that's just my weird associations again.

Anyway, I did it....I came out. It was scary.

Oh, and I put "measure myself" as my goal for therapy (didn't explain it was for a binder), especially since today, I haven't been binding too long but already my back aches a lot.

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