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M broke up with me last night... I'm kinda sad, but it just means i can go ask J out again! well, . . . I also kinda saw it comming... oh well there are more fish in the sea...

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I'm Turning OLD!!!!

OMG I'm a senior in HS now!!!! WTF do i feel so old?!?!?!? I think I need a hug...

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Gossip Girl!

OMG I love that show AND the books! I really want to find out if the site is real tho... id love to get membership! Its fun being a spoild rich kid!

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New Name

Well I'm just going through a change. I love Peregrine Falcons, so i changed my name on here from Shadow1992 to Peregrine. more symbolism: they are small, fast, and protective. I am small, fast, and protective. and before i get any hazing from anyone i refer to height not "size" so no small penis jokes(i get enough of those at school), please?

Hey you guys should hit me up on myspace! either search my display name or look for me thru my page on here! it is a direct link to mah page!!! TTFN!

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Supermodels and pornstars and friends and Jeff

wow thats a weird title, . . .

first part, Jeff is helping me try to become a model!!!! yay thanks Jeff!!!!
T>T but the best suggestion he had was for a show, "18 & up" ruined it tho. . .

this is one i don't need to go into at the moment...

friends= one of my friends said boys don't matter, but they say i do matter cuz im gay they don't consider me a boy and it confuses me...

and Jef is just Jeff

Any one wanna help me find a way into modeling?

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M. W. R.

M is so sweet, and its so cute!!!!! Omg he made me turn into a mushy idiot last night tho. i really want to brag about it but its something that should be kept between us.he is so addorable! i am going to kiss him today after school! ILY M!!!!!!!!

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My Boy... Updated

"Hello. Salute. Its me, your Duke. And I made something thats real to show you how I feel! Hello. Hello. Tis me, Picaso! I will paint my words of love on every wall! When you leave my colors fade to grey! ooh-ah oooh-ah eh. Every word love i used to say, now I paint it every day! When you leave my colors fade to grey, and I need you to stay or all my colors fade away.

"I sold my streams, my songs, and my dreams, and I bought some paints to match the colors of my love. Hello, Hello, Its me again, Picaso! I will spray my words of love on every wall!. . ."

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Me, You, And My Medication.

I am starting to love that song by Boys Like Girls. so i am going on a BIG rant today.

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Blue Prius!

omg Jeff Dunham!!!!! Funny shiz!!!!!!!

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For my family of Oasians

well we have yet another possible destinatin i could move to. Swan's Island, Maine. so if i do move there i can keep an eye on Eli. but ill miss all my little texan hoes. So anyone other than mah Eli live in maine?

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My School's Prom...

Absoulutely SUCKED!!!!!!!!!!! I went hopeing to get to dance with a guy, but the only preson i got asked to dance with was a verry pretty senior girl who had a bf. we slowdanced, and i asked ONE guy to dance after thinking about it for like two hours... so all in all my school's prom sucked. the food was good tho! :D so that is a plus. i wish i had a date i could have danced with...

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Epic game of polotics

Sorry i can't spell. those of you who like mortal kombat of polotics you should check this page out!!!

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I want you to know
this is who i am
i feel love for you
but you fear i hate

i listen to you
i understand your words
i tell you my heart
but you hear only Babble

so i shall be a Babylon rouge
join with me my love
let us take the sky for ours
come with me and fly

when the world craters come and fly
the speed of time cannot catch our love
we can take a walk and leave our bodies in the sands of time
i'll hold you by my side with my inhuman might

if i'm alive and well will you be there to hold my hand?
Babylon Gardens shall be for us
Angel Island is our home

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Drug Induced Insomnia

okay so steroids give me insomnia. i got one hour of sleep last night, then started doing laundry and getting ready for school WAY early. kinda don't like them anymore, but they are obliterating my poison ivy rash so i can't complain too much. this has been your random rant of the day.

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