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Okay so i was all bleh and depressed earlier, but Piedmon brought me out of it. and i am now causing myself pain by singing along to lion king and other songs on my myspace. i am in a better mood now. when i get all bleh i just sort of stop being aroud people. i am starting to think that steroids are bipolarness in a pill! XD, . . . >.> . . . <.< . . . X.X

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I'm a screw up

i just nearly ruined my best friend's relationship, now i am worried he won't want to be my friend anymore. i think i might stay off oasis for a while. might pop in to check my messages every now and then, but i wont stay too long. i'm gonna miss all of you!!! and one final: I'm sorry I'm such a fuck-up!

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Okay well i have found a colege i like that i might go to. Ohio Northern University. I really want to go there but i don't think i will have enough moneh. . . well i was just gonna see if anyone knew about some scholarships for awesome gay guys. . .

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Names, Boys, and Itchy Faces

Okay so i kinda don't like my name my parents gave me, so i am going to chang it. my name will be Kyle Orion B.

okay so i like several guys and really wish that i could go to prom with the one i like the most, but he is in new york. i cant go with the one that is here cuz he is too busy. and i cant go with any of the others cuz they are all out of state...

And on a more creepy note, . . . i have some rash/fungus/bactira/virus attempting to eat my face. i go back to the doctor today. . . i am scared...

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Topless Girls in a Music Vid.

this is an gift from me to you! please tell me what you think!

okay i am just being an "ass"! hah lolz i love you all!

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Fav Martial Arts?

min is either Ninjutsu or Capoeira!

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God Hates Me

i was out untill 235 my time, and was asleep all day on wednesday on my bag in school. wednesday night i had a bliste/rash thin on my chin. today i find out from my school nurse it is "diaper" rash. . . god fucking hates me. i thought it was a rash or burn tho. pop thought it was aids, mom thought it was herpes. who hates me more god mom or pop? lolz and XOXOXO l8erz!!!!

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I HATE PARENTS!!! Especialy Mine.

They tried to take my oasis away from me. they have put new restrictions on my phone, and i want to hurt them so bad right now.

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This could be the coolest iPod accessory yet: Chrysler's GEM division has introduced a docking station on wheels. And, it can carry you and three friends along with a tune.

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What Jeff just taught me. . .

that he is the calm version of Adam. . . okies that is said and done.

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wow, is there a letter fettish?

idk why but i seem to like the people who have a J at the first of their name alot. this one guy i am talking to in austin who is my friend's big brother is totaly cool!!!!!

on facebook and talking to him so outies!!!!!

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"The One" Quiz


The person you are with is the one for you. You connect in many ways and love each other for the person you are. You are always together and although you have your disagreements you work through them. You balance each other out and keep each other grounded. You two will have a wonderful life together and will grow old sharing memories and talking about your lives together.

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Eye of the Beholder

We have all heard that said before. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." well today i was provent that this is right. i was talking to one of my friends, and he was talking about museic and hastings and such, then all of a sudden i thought that he was kind of good looking. Now i know that this was an imorral thought for someone who has a boyfriend and i just want to say now: "Tai if you read this i will not mention i like him a little if you say not to." also, i don't know if he is bi/gay/str8 but i think i have liked him for a while now... again i ask for advice. Please?

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Multi-Subject Shpiel...

okay part one i am going to say i HATE IT when people use "Ya'll" even though i am a texan it pisses me off!!!!!! so in conclusion to part one: what is a word/fraze that you hate?

part two, i did day of silence and now i feel like i have been reborn as a new person (again). i feel a fire inside me that burns at what people can do to hurt you. people are just down right mean.

part three, i am just all gusshy right now cuz i am thinking of my hottie's amazeingness!!!!!! and i want to get some good jams for my mp3, any sugestions (rock or techno plz)?

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Life is Beautiful!!!!!

And my friend B is hilarios!!!!!! She tried to kick over my head and was in socks, . . . she managed to get her foot over my head but we were on tile floor so she looked like a big boobed version of Charlie Brown and the football things. i wish id had my camera out to film it...!!!!!! XD my friends are funny!!!!!!

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