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Always Be- - - A poem by me! plz comment!

I feel like this could be a day like any other, on of us has to move but we wait for the other to move first. I’ll force a laugh to break our stillness, your silence concerns me. This is only going to get harder, before it turns easy. We can’t keep safe, if we need to take a break.
I am alone in this now, I am as I’ve always been. You seem so lost in her, so lost to me. You look like you always will be, just beyond my reach. But I will keep trying.

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wow how screwed up am i?

well there is this one person on here that has asked sm1 out that i am starting to crush on, and they are not even fully male(yet) and i really want to ask them out but i know they will say no. so i will try to get over it. and there is another ftm i am crushing on, but i haven't realy noticed if they like guys ot girls so i definate ly will leave that one in the dark, but it is bound to show up eventualy, cuz i talk to these guys alot on here. and btw ALL WHO HAVE MY WINDOWS LIVE IT IS STILL ME EVEN THO THE NAME SAYS "ZAC" IT IS STILL AARON!!!!!

well i feel better now, ttyl loves!

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Ummm, . . . Adam i think im in troubble

is it just me or is adam realy hot? and i mean REALY hot! he is so sexy, if only i were a little older, rich and a sex hungry feind.*sighs* why do i have to think adam is hot? WHY??????????

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ummm kinda nervous now. . .

man this sucks. i might have to move away from my bf, but i want to move so my pop can have a good job. but i don't want to move cuz my bf is here. i want to move so i can get a fresh start, but i don't want to have to leave all my friends behind. i am SOOO tired of texas weather but i am afraid florida won't agree with me. . . or that i will bring a drought with me. i know that if i move i won't be able to talk to you all for a while, at least untill we get all settled in. i am afraid that no one will like me in orlando, but a small part of me doesn't care.

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Awww SHIT!!!!!!!!

SHIT!!!!!! i might be moving, and i am just starting to get everything fixed with james!!! this sucks! man five fucking states away!!!!! i might move to orlando. if my pop gets this job he aplied for. my god i will look SOOOOOO white in florida. if any of you are in orlando a nice welcom is very much apreciated. i will keep you guys posted. wish for the best. hey maybe i can talk my parents into takeing james with us?

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Single but feeling better

well i thought about starting a gsa at my school. prolly gonna. just thought id tell everyone.

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My Life Has Gone Down the Craper

well i got som shitty news just now, my bf's dad found one of my notes i wrote him and has now sworn to find me and kick my ass. i am thinking about breaking up with him, or haveing him come out of the closet with our relationship. i am actualy leaning more twards breaking up. my life has now officaly gon down into the crapper. if i break up with him, i might not get back into the game untill i am 18 (two years from now).

can i get a little help, i feel like i invite/ bring down misery on anyone who i am friends/ going out with.

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What to do with y life/

well i am at a draw. i really want to go to hollywood and be an actor, but i also want to be in/make a band. like a linkin park type band. i would so thrash mike snioda's lyrics! but i could also use my big brain and be a doc, or something... or be an artist. i might put my pic as a self portrait i did yesterday( i was kinda mad as a forewarning!) that looks exactly like me.

just an fyi

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hey guys just a random thought i had, i want to go to canada or San Fransisco! canada cuz J2 lives there, San Fran cus i want to go to USF. i might just go abduct J2 and head to USF with him in tow, . . .

just wanted to be random for a minute...

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A glimmer of hope in this Darkness that is my life

well i found somone who might go out with me, but he said he made a promise to himself to wait to go out with anyone again untill he is 16. three months from sunday! he is sooooo hot! i hope he will say he will go out with me, but there is always the chance he will say no,... but i choose to be hopeful. the only drawback is he is in the closet and bi, the closet i can understand, . . . it is the bi part that i am worried about...

Anyways, he lives in town and is AMAZINGLY HOT! i have had like a MAJOR crush on him all year long. Wish me luck guys, . . .

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My Stupidity

Well everyone i got stupid. i bought my ex that i was going to ask out a reeses and then gave him a note asking him out even though i knew he would say no.

i am knida wanting him to say yes, but i know its a no. this can only end badly. i am probably going to ask another person out by the end of the day. might be a stupid redneck again.

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Life Sucks

Man does my life suck! on wednesday my boyfriend dumped my sorry ass, and then secretly started going out with a girl, i had hoped that he would come to me this morning and ask me back out but he didn't so i don't care. And then i wanted to ask out my Ex-boyfriend, who said that we can still be friends. i went through a rough weekend, so many hot guys and all so quickly! one crush after the next! I thin i got to 20 in under 5 minutes. . . and all of them were into girls, or spoken for.

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Dark Knight

this is the mental property of me: Shadow1992

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i have moved from my azrael accont to this one. more poems, more stories, more life!

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