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Fuck dem tittles.

Right, so let's just get this clear. If you don't like what I have to say on the grounds I'm being unbeknowingly insensitive, sorry... Except I don't care. This is my journal. This is about me. It's your choice to take dat shit personally. Don't like it, then

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Yea girls, I'm back. Except I'm gonna assume most people (except my stalker, Jeff) remember me.

Anyway, why'd I come back? Well, my life turned into a bit of a catchy, overly-dramatic, teen soap opera bullshit thing. Which is sad for me, because I'm not actually a teenager anymore.

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People piss me the fuck off seriously. Honestly.

First off, I can't stand my fucking roommate. He goes to bed way too early every single night - 11:00 - and he never leaves the fucking room except to eat. He plays video games ALL day EVERY day. I don't care if he parties, but jesus christ, get out there and explore things for a change. There's so much at university, especially this one. At the very least, get a fucking job.

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My roommate is officially a weirdo. He honestly does not have friends here, and it's by his own choosing. He stays in the room, plays video games, watches youtube videos about gaming, goes on gaming forums, goes on facebook and does his homework. He seriously self-ostracizes. Oh, and then he complains about how our floor doesn't include him, which absolute fucking bullshit. I mean sure, I'm not gonna invite him on lunch dates with my friends, or out partying or to smoke a bowl, but jesus, when the floor's studying in the lounges or the halls, he can join us.

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College, P II

College is awesome in so many respects. Last journal I wrote about budding relationships, dating and reinventing (or portraying ones self differently). But, aside from that, I really love my classes. I'm taking BioCore, Chem, Calc, my Honors College class and another Honors College class. 15 credits for my first semester. And so far I love all of my classes. Well, I only sort of like chemistry, and I actually don't like calculus. There's just this one annoying girl in my calculus class that bugs the shit out of me.

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University <3

College is wonderful. Actually, it's beyond wonderful - it's already one of the best experiences of my life. It's a place where you can reinvent yourself and make yourself into whoever you want to be. You don't have to carry around the baggage of your past eighteen years, and you don't have to tell anyone anything that you don't want to.

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Why the Cardinal Sins Are, Well, Sins.

I haven't felt this sick in my life. That Vermonster was horrid. It was absolutely disgusting.

We chose five types of ice cream, and we hadn't thought out a good combination. So we decided on Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Buzz, Phish Food (worst BJ flavor ever), Sweet Cream and Cookies, a Mint type one and Vanilla. Bad choice. Mint should never be consumed with another flavor. Add some brownies, whipped cream, cookies and bananas to that and YUCK.

Actually, my body thought it was so repulsive, it forced an evacuation of types. You probably didn't need to know that. Oh well.

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I've consumed zero calories today so far. It's really different for me. Usually, I consume something like 3,000 calories a day. I love food. I really do. I love cooking it, and I especially love eating it.

But not today. No food for me today. And it's all in preparation for something so incredibly sinful, yet soooo delicious.

The Vermonster.

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College is terrifying, and it hasn't even begun...

Within the past two hours, I've changed emotions faster than I thought possible. And I've alternated emotions so fast, I actually forgot what emotion I was feeling. Like, dude, I'm seriously terrified of college, and I leave for it in thirty-six hours.

I mean, sure, my college is thirty minutes away for me, but I'm not going home under any circumstance. Fuck that, I'm crazy enough as it is with my parents around all the time - I don't need to continue that for another four years.

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Granted it's a pseudo-science, astrology is just so interesting for me. Sure, it's a crock of shit, and any similarities are either coincidental or purely the work of our minds. Even still, astrology is a proxy through which introspection can occur for me. It's much easier to read something that says that you're a fickle and judgmental person, rather than coming up with that on your own.

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I desperately need help. I'm in search of some new music. And I like everything except country. Except older country actually. Like Neil Young. I really like Neil Young.

I'd appreciate some R&B, Blues, Rap, Classical (Chelo especially), Dubstep, House, and Neil Young style Country.

Thanks :D

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And yet another rant.

Holy poop. Driving with my mom is so stressful. Like it's crazy - she doesn't trust me driving, I swear. And she thinks how I drive and the reason behind how I drive is ridiculous.

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Do you know what's terribly frustrating? When people try and invite themselves places. Obviously if I didn't extend an invitation to you, I don't particularly care for you coming with me. Further, it's incredibly rude to invite yourself to anything. You seem desperate and needy. Not stellar attributes.

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Sorry that I'm a jackass.

Why do people continue to pursue love interests with me when I obviously don't share the feelings that they do...?

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I swear I'm not sad like this in real life.

Today, my friend Brook finally gave me a print from a photo shoot I was in for her:

By the way, the bruise is make up.

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