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Glenn. Beck. Is. RIDICULOUS.

I can't stand the man.

Really, I can't.

He tried to argue to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), that an individual, Isaac Eiland-Hall, could not use "Glenn Beck" in the name of a website URL, because "Glenn Beck" is apparently trademarked. However, last I knew... names referring to people can't be trademarked. Way to go Glenn Beck!

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Ma journée!

Holy crap, people are emotional about Lady Gaga. I was all excited in class, for the 23rd (The Fame Monster is released that day) and everyone was like, "she's a freak". And like, all I could do was stare at them with a gaping mouth. I was like... "Excuse me... She's an artist, and she's attained a popularity in such a short amount of time like no other". And they were all like, "She's all synthed. Her raw voice SUCKS!" And I was like... "Uhm... Are you trying to tell me that because she's used a computer to edit her voice is a reason to illegitimize her as an artist?

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Très importante!

Who's excited for the 23rd?!

Cause Lady Gaga releases her new album "The Fame Monster"! Then on top of that, Rihanna releases her new album "Rated R"! THEN! On top of THAT, Shakira releases her new album "She Wolf"!!!

It's automatically going to be the best day of my life. Okay, that was an example hyperbole, but it is going to be the best day of my life in terms of music

Oh jesus! I can't wait!

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Not so exciting.

J'ai reçu mon grades pour le premièrement quarter. AP US Historie, j'ai reçu un 95, Sociologique, j'ai reçu un 96, Français III, j'ai reçu 94 et AP Langue Anglais, j'ai reçu un 93. Mes grades a me fait heureux.

Je parle français, parce que j'ai l'envie soudaine. Personnellement, je pense que ces qui ne peut pas parler français sont stupide. Mais, qu'il est mon avis. En plus, je pense que ces qui ne peut pas parler français sont uns vaches.

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Oh lordy...

I think I'm slowly going insane. This 4 credits of AP class business is just draining me. I'm so tired of the Victorian theme. It's not that hard to understand, so why did we have to read Silas Marner and The Scarlet Letter? It just makes me so frustrating!

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Oh lordy.

I feel so gross right now. Y'see I went to UVM, the state university in Burlington, and went apartyin'. I was with my friend Sheilagh, and Hope and Sheilagh's roomate, Victoria. So we went downtown at like 12:00, right? We went to a couple houses and all the kegs were done. It was RIDICULOUS. Total bust. So after the fourth, we just decided to go back to the dorms.

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Although Maine failed, I have hope elsewhere.

Yea, yea, yea. Maine failed. Big loss. A bunch of potato farmers can't get married (I'm being sarcastic).

It's sad, but what we do?

But in happier news, Gov. Patterson (D) of New York is pushing for a same-sex marriage bill in Albany's senate! Wooooohhhhh! Go New York. It's uncertain if it will pass, but if it does, that means it's law.

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I just realized that tophat's name means "Top Hat", not "To Phat"! For a while, I was confused at why he would want to be toe fat...

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That was ridiculous.
One of my friends called me during dinner, right? So I silenced my iPhone, because phones are just f'ing rude at a dinner table. So he calls 2 minutes later, and it's just like, I didn't pick up before, why would I now?

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Guess what!

Wooh! I have a new avatar!
And it's not me semi-naked (I had shorts on in the last one, you just couldn't see them). Andddd! I have my most FAVORITE shirt on. Which funny enough, it features a POLAR BEAR! Of course wearing sunglasses, because it's bright in the summer.

My only complaint with the photo is the fact that at a low res, my hair looks like crap. I mean, it's not looking its sexiest (it's passable by my expectations), but it looks nice in the full size pic.


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That's it! I'm living on only $50 'till Christmas. NOTHING more. Not even underwear or apparel from American Apparel (like my repetition of a certain word? Well, I thought it was clever).

The other day, I spent like, $100 on underwear. On fucking UNDERWEAR! Then, whenever I set foot near American Apparel, I always spend at least another $100. And I've been drooling over a pair of Diesel's or G-Star jeans. That would be like £140 for G-Star (the only decent supplier of the brand is British) or $220 for Diesel.

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On Wednesday, Brook, a mutual friend of Andy and I, were atalkin' and it started to get very cynical. I was talking about how exchange theory - the theory which states that all social interaction is done via a cost-analysis - was depressing me, because I feel like it rejects the very notion which altruism represents: selflessness. It really depresses me because under the theory, you can't really ever live for another person; that romance in film can never ever truly exist. We can only live for ourselves. The reason we do things for other people is due to our socialized-self, the "I".

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Does anyone else think this is the best song? EVER?

Just wanted to share this ; ]

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Such is life, I suppose...

Can people stop declaring that I'm hot? I fucking realize that, that's why I'm so incredibly picky about who I like. Just because I'm so "kissable" and that my "look says it", does not give people an excuse to repeatedly compliment me. Especially since they do it mainly to get gratification from me when I feel required to reciprocate the compliment.

And isn't it obvious that I'm not looking for anyone when I say I'm not looking for anyone.

Today has just sucked. I hate getting hit on by people I don't like.

And don't people get I'm still not over Andy?


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Who wants to hear a sex story?!

Okay I need to share this, because it's so absolutely FUCKING DISGUSTING.

However, I need to preface this story though. So, in the past week, I've had FOUR nose bleeds. Or rather, fucking nose hemorrhages. I swear, it was like giving blood again.

Anyway, I just blew my nose, and I swear like, four pounds of bloodied snot rockets came out. Then this hunk of coagulated blood plopped out and it was so UTTERLY DISGUSTING.

Okay, I'm really sorry I had to tell you that. But well, it was bothering me.

Sorry for the title haha.

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