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And the senate of New York is full of sell outsssss!
Big surprise there.

But seriously, it is. Senator Espada (D) and Senator Monserrate (D) caucused with the Republican party effectively changing control of the senate to a Republican majority. But here's the thing, Espada and Monserrate aren't changing political party - they're staying democrats. And to top it all off, Espada was elected the President Pro Tempore.

But you know who's the drive behind this? A billionaire - a Mr. Golisano - who got angry at "Former" Majority Leader Smith (D) for proposing to raise taxes on the wealthy.

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No matter how badly I think I do on any of my tests in Chemistry, I never go below 95. It's kind of ridiculous actually, because I totally didn't understand the whole constant of K deal fully. Well, I did, but not when it came to the ionization reactions. I hadn't an idea of how to do them, but somehow, I did them.

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I answered Andy to like ten of these XD

69 Odd Questions. Copy and paste. BE TRUTHFUL.

1) Are your parents married or divorced?

2) Are you a vegetarian?

3) Do you believe in Heaven?
I honestly don't know.

4) Have you ever come close to dying?
I almost drowned once...

5) What jewelry do you wear 24/7?
A rubber band?

6) Favorite time of day?
Early Morning, Afternoon or Twilight/Night.

7) Do you eat the stems of broccol?

8) Do you wear makeup?

9) Ever have plastic surgery?
Ew, definitely not cosmetic. I find that gross.

10) Do you like makeup?
I could care less about it.

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Can't the weekend come sooner? Like SERIOUSLY. I need it, NOW!

Because my date with Andy is probably gonna be then (SCORE)! And like, personally, I just kind of really want to go steady with him (Saved by the Bell has influenced me A LOT).

But, I want to at least go out on one date with him before I go steady with him.

And I really really want to bring him to Maine with me. We could probably snag one of the guest cottages and be the only ones in it to... ; ]

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Yea, there were like those couple of weeks that went by when I didn't do anything on Oasis at all...

Well uhm, like I already said, Jake and I broke up. The reason was "distance". Really, I felt it was more that we weren't very compatible. I didn't feel any attraction to him anymore and our chemistry was shitty to begin with. I went steady with him more to be steady, rather than to be steady with him. So, needless to say, I wasn't saddened when he dumped me.

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So, Andy likes me. A ton apparently. His friend stalked me onFb (because that's what you do on Fb) and I ask her about it. But she like, "I can't tell you EVERYTHING". So I gave her some information about how I really like him (which is the truth) and talked about how I want to pose the question about whether or not he'd want to go to Maine with me, which of course was hypothetical. And then I asked her again, and he really likes me (SCORE!).

And then I posed that hypothetical question and he seemed to like the idea of it, a lot (SCORE!).

And we're going on a date this weekend or next.

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Oh my fucking god, I got back from HOBY yesterday. Talk about a hang over. I miss everyone there SO MUCH! Like, it was so ridiculously fun. I went into thinking "ughhh oh! I better keep myself in 'stag' mode as best I can".

But then I was chatting with my friend, Renata, from school, during the HOBY dance and I sort of let the gay bomb drop, but not really, because there were only five us. And no one cared, plus Renata from school already knew.

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01) Are you currently in a serious relationship?
02) What was your dream growing up?
As in career? A fireman.
03) What talent do you wish you had?
04) If I bought you a drink, what would it be?
Tea. But only if you're cute.
05) Favorite vegetable?
I'm digging squash and peppers right now. I can't count potato of course, because it's a starch, or beans, because well... they're beans.
06) What was the last book you read?
Nausicaa and Howl's Moving Castle.
07) What zodiac sign are you?

How much garbage do you or your family unit produce per week? (10-15 Gallons per bag)

One bag
17% (1 vote)
Two bags
67% (4 votes)
Three bags
0% (0 votes)
Four bags
0% (0 votes)
Five or more bags
17% (1 vote)
Total votes: 6
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Anddddd... SCORE!

And my HIV test came back as undetected! Woohoo!

It wasn't actually like I thought I had it. It's more that I felt I should make testing a biannual habit.

And then I promptly played spoons and almost went homicidal, because well... That's what spoons does to me.

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It's not bad that I danced with boys at Queer Prom other than my mate, right? I mean he wasn't there, so what was I supposed to do? My best friend was there and I could've danced with her the whole night, but fuck that shit. And it's not like I kissed anyone. I'm just naturally flirtatious, I guess. Some people think it's a bad thing, but well... I'm not into that whole self-deprivation nonsense. If you can't bare to know that I flirt with people, then you can go blow it.

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Holy Shit.

We have a box of pencils worth about 350$. A box of twelve pencils. And they're worth 350$. Does anybody else find that ridiculous?

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Call Call Call!

Cal Representative Jeff Young at 1-802-524-5284! During the last vote on same-sex marriage, he voted "no" on it. Urge him to change his mind and conquer discrimination politically by overriding Governor Douglas's Veto. Vermont is a crucial state when it comes to same-sex marriage, not because of its size, bur rather because of its history. Vermont was the first state in the union to legalize civil unions, and if we keep those discriminatory laws on the book, then what does that say for the entirety of the movement?

Please call!

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Argh! =.=

I find toilets disgusting. Not in practice, but instead, in principle. Sure, solid waste is a little different, because it's hard to dispose of, but for urine, a toilet is pretty useless. I mean seriously, why would you flush something that you could just easily dispose of outside, on the ground? Sure, some of you may find that a little difficult in a suburban and urban setting, but here in rural Vermont, it's not a problem. I understand it's a little different for females though....

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Vermont's House Judiciary approved the same-sex marriage bill on Wednesday in a 8 v. 2 decision. Yesterday, the entirety of the house voted on the measure and it was approved 95 v. 53 (2 abstainers). The bill will go to Douglas and he'll make a decision within the next week as to whether or not he will actually veto the measure. If it does get vetoed, the bill would go back to the Senate for an over ride vote (extremely likely, the bill was passed by a super majority of 26 v. 4) and then to the house.

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