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He likes me XD
And we're going on a date.
And then meeting a friend.

Holy fuck.

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This is WEIRD. I really really fucking like this kid, which DOES NOT happen. I never like anyone. It's just crushes that don't matter. But I really really really like this kid! Did I ever say his name? Jake. Simple and plain, but I like it never the less. And ugh, he's just so fucking cute! He' so nice and non-judgmental and so care free, while at the same time is serious enough.

I can't believe I'm giddy about a guy. I'm turning into adam =O. OH FUCK MY LIFEEEEE! I can't be turning into ADAM! NUGHHHHHHHH!

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arghhh -,-

I met this kiddo today! He was cuteeeeeeeee! He's cooter phobic too! XD
He's so fun to be around. He's understanding and caring (unlike Joey -,-), he's non-judgemental, he's a firm believer in monogamy, he's generally interested in people and their lives/stories, he's funny, he has a nice bod, a good enough face (he's not an adonis, but he's not bad either, he's cute) and he dresses well.
The downfall of him: he lives 2 counties away, which equates to over an hour of between us.

So basically... We're not going to happen. But he's really really fun to hang with.

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Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind is now my favorite movie. I really really love Hayao Miyazaki's work. The visual style of his anime is always so aesthetically pleasing to me and his plots are so amazing and so complex! I really love how Hayao Miyazaki involves so many real world themes and elements. Like in Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, its main focus is environmental, and how if we don't take care of our environment, it's gonna bite us in the ass.

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//is excited XD

My financial institution FINALLY recieved my checkmate card and sent it to me. It's so nice having mah baby back! I still don't have my platinum though DX *Sniffles*

To commemorate their arrival though, I'ma get a new wallet. Just cause I'm so fuggin' cool, I only buy anime wallets.

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I just watched "Howl's Moving Castle".
That movie was fucking fantastic. It was so cute and over all cool. The plot was excellent and the characters were done well.

I fooled around wif Joey. I'm angry @ myself.

My parents are WICKED angry at my ex-brother. They won't even talk to him. I'm not sad.

I really like my English class. It's WICKED laid back.

Chemistry is getting to be monotonous; I don't care for temperature, amount, volume and pressure relationships.

Math, for the second time in my life, is actually new and exciting to me.

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I <3 These..

Your Love Element Is Fire

In love, you are a true listener and totally present.
For you, love is all about feeling more alive than you've ever felt.

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Bonjour mes amis!

I'ma Maas.
I just thought that Nanook was much more fitting wif my boxers pic.

Nanook is Inuit fer "Bear Master".

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