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i m not sure...what gravitated me back here, after so long. but i wrote this thing last night, late. its had no edits, so please bear with me...

Our Beloved Logging Trucks.

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hmmm, just a nice little essay i wrote that i thought you might enjoy...

note that this is not my actually desire, to have a hateful society. my desire is the opposite, and i wrote this in such a way as to outline the things in our society that we are doing that generate hate.

How to create a society that hates.

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you know...

if i could turn everyone in the world into cats, i wouldnt.

now if i could turn ALMOST everyone into the world into cats...well that would be a differnt story....

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worst place to die?

well, i think the worst place to die would be the carnival. i mean, carnivals are already fucking terrfying, imagine dying in one? and chances are you died becuase of the carnival to, like you ate radioactive cotton candy or something. the biggest reason i think it would be fucking awful, is becuase i often ponder what the last thing a dying person should idealy see. and im not sure, maybe a ocean or a canyon or a tiger or some shit like that.

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south east asia. where the fuck is that?

nobody really cares about south east asia. i mean some people do, of course, but for U.S. society at large, its just like, what the fuck even is south east asia?

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so, im sure someone has already talked about this...

and im just oblivous and out of the loop, but oh well.

day of silence is this friday. who all is participating/thoughts/opinions on(in) the day?

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well well well, oasis, we meet again.

so its been quite a while since ive been on here. i guess, with my GSA giving my the oppertunity to know alot of queer people, and gaining alot of confidence in myself latley, ive just...outgrown oasis a little.

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okhams razor sucks.

it sukcs harder then a vietnamese hooker who has been told he will recieve one million dollars if he can make the man he is sucking off cum in less then a minute. it really does. becuase you know what, the simplelest explanation is not always the best or most accurate. in fact often times, it isnt the best or most accurate. so why should we use it just becuase it makes things simple? let my produce a few situation that, if okhams razor was used, would be very bad.

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thank you genisis 1, for being so easy to write a commentary on :)

so, hopefully, this will offend you if you belive in the god of the bible. you know, i dont care if i offend reliogious peopel anymore. i really dont care, since no one who is christain cares about offending me ;D enjoy.

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you know what worse then being surronded by straight poeple?

being surronded by straight christain people, my perants in particular. im sick of listening to stupid audio sermons my dad finds online. i think he finds the most obnoxious ones just for me.

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so, eutopia...

i've heard it said the only way a true dystopia can be formed when you try to create a eutopia, since eutopia will always fail. the vacumn left when the eutopian society fails is filled with a dystopia.

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a quote to remember this new year...

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you,
until it seems as though you cannot hang on a minute longer,
never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Harriet Stowe

an excellent song for a new year

a nice picture for the new year. if you like seeing guys kissing, that is

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why i hate it when people say "things are all going to hell"

so i read will grayson, will grayson. i raped it in the face(aka read it within a 24 hour cycle) it was really good. it almost made me cry a couple times, and made me want to punch people at others. in other words, it got an emoitional response, which as far as im concerned is the best thing a novel can do.

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so yeah,

so yeah, i located an adorable gay guy at school before the break began. but i was unable to introduce myself, mainley due to my massive cowardice. becuase see, with girls, and straight guys, and gay guys who im not into outside of friendship, im rather confident. i can talk to them, joke with them, its all coolio.

but with gay guys im into, im a disaster. if i manage to say hello without hyperventalating, then i dont know what to say. i can get about this far into a conversation:
me: hello
gay guy who i like: hey
me: how are you today?
gay guy who i like: im doing pretty good. you?

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in which i stop dancing around the subject...

do any of you have the one person, that whenever you do something, they always have some way to imrpove it. but it ends up just making it so you dont feel like your original idea wasnt good enough.
and see, im not...well fuck, im going to stop dancing around the subject! every single time i do soemthing, my mum swoops in and just takes it over.

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