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creepy pasta wiki is very disagreeable...

i tried to post a creepy pasta, but the page spazzed out and lost all my work! it was really bloody good to, not to brag, but it was a collaberative work of me and my friend. now i have to type it all again, and im a lazy little bicth who hates retyping stuff.

im writing an essay for school about the first time i acknowledged i was gay. hehe, i recentley moved to and honors english class, so this will literally be the first paper my new english teacher gets from me XD

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any advice for a model U.N.?

im going to be trying to start a model U.N. at my highschool, and im just wondering if anyone on here has been on one, and if you have, any advice? :)

secodnly, a question, what would you do if you fell madley, madley in love with someone only to discover they were a schizophrenic delusion that your brain had produced?

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so, i wrote a new constitution today...

(note that this is a joke. most of these are the opposite of what i really think.)

Today, I’m going to officially secede from the United States of America. I’m starting ‘Merica. This is our constitution.

We, the people of ‘Merica, herby claim freedom from the United States of America, because they are all pussies. We don’t want any of those democrats or evolutionists or Mexicans in ‘Merica. We’re gonna write some amendments.
1. Freedom of religion: you have the ability to choose from the following religions: Jesus.

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hair extensions...

so, ok, god, i know this is just sooo very stereotypicaly gay guy, but i got these really, really pretty hair extensions, just thin little things. ones like pink and ones a deepish blue. they are alot longer then my real hair, like they come down to my chest, but i like that about them. i've already acquired a habit of chewing on them tho, after just over 24 hours D:
took the PSAT Saturday. it was surprisingly easy. especially the reading sections.

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my mouth hurts :/

so they thing is, a while back, i was supposed to get my wisdom teeth out, but the surgery failed because i was sick. but this last Thursday i DID get my wisdom teeth out. pretty suck experience. its not eve the pain, that hardly been an issue. its the SOLID FOOD. I WANT SOME SOLID FOOD, IVE BEEN EATING JELLO AND YOGURT AND SMOOTHIES FOR 4 DAYS AND IM GOING NUTS FROM IT. <-- so that's out of the way.
there's this super sexi guy in my science class. hes tall, and mysterious.

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so, I'm officailey trapped in the internet

i put some videos on youtube, so now i cant ever leave the internet.
i broke up with my BF today. he took it so well. its almost like he was expecting/welcoming it...
ive been writing down a running commentary on all my classes, since they are so easy i dont have anythign else to do. in a week and two days ive filled 49 pages O_O im so suprised.
a few days ago, i went door to door in a local neighborhood, spreading information about the plight of gay youth in america. i was finally doing something for gay people, and it felt glorious in every way imaginable.

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the longevity dance of the space beings.

tibeten monks come up with the best song titles ever, such as the one above. and they make great music too. very haunting.
i was suposed to break up with my boyfriend today, but he was having a bad day, and he looked so sad, and i didnt want to ruin his weekend, so i didnt. god, this is going to be one of those things i put off forever i bet you.
ive been eating tremendous amounts of food of late. like as much as three of me would normally eat. maybe ill go through a growth spurt and end up being like 6 foot 3. as if

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dunno, one of THOSE days, ya know?

its been an odd day. up and down and up and down.
sometimes i jsut get one of those days where im just angry and sad and worried and just feel like putting some lead between my ears would be the best feeling in the world. not that i would act upon it of course, its just once in a while, i get one of those days. normally the correctly applied music and some writing and some running fixes me up.

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hmmm, random things i think of...

you know waht would be an epic govemrnet? a goverment where any law that was going to be passed had to get a two thirds majority, but only three people were allowed to vote on the law, and those people were the pope, richard dawkins, and one very indecsive, easily swayed person. or if the three people were a very steadfast communist, a very steadfast capatalist, and one very indecisive, easily swayed person.

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ok, so i try to never offend people....

and to do that, i often sacrifice putting my full thoughts out there. but fuck you, self control, portal 2 is really pissing me off, and i need to vent, annd i have a fucking bone to pick with society, in all its facets, so get ready bicthes!cuase you know waht i do, i supress my feelings, and i supress themm, and i keep them bottled, and i cant say certain things to ceratin people, and soemtimes i just explode!

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so, they cancelled....

my surgery. the like put a needle in my arm, and my hand, and the hand one burned like a bastard child from hell, and got me all ready and put monitors on me, and then started to put me under...and when i woke up i still had these fuck off wisdom teeth. turns out the minor cold i had was still making alot of phlem, which pperently started coughing up en mass once they put me under. so they jsut stopped the anasthesia and let me wake up and jsut sent me home. fuck!

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so, i get to have my mouth cut open....

have to get my wisdom teeth out, friday. im worried. not about the surgery, i trust modern medicine, it works most of the time. at my age, with my gnereally posotive health, and no allergies to medical stuff, the chances of anything going wrong are small. im worried about the pain meds. what if i get addicted to pain medication, and have go about sucking off drug dealers to get some and break my brain? i love my brain! it helps me argue with people! i have no knowledge of my families history with substance abuse (adopted)

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so, i have to steal hundreds of dollars...

tho indirectley. i have to do the call to offering for my church. which, means i have to tell people to give up there hard earned cash to jesus rather then, you know, starving people. and i dont really have a choice. i cant explain to my parents why this screw with my sense of right and wrong without explaining how i feel about religion in general.

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so maybe this is naughty of me...

but i was on noms (national organization for marriage) website today, cuase i needed a good laugh, and nom always does that for me. so, i thinks to myself, what if i copied down noms talking points, but put in your own comentary on it? and i say to myself, i shall. the stuff in parentheses is me giving my thought on this wonderful, wonderful peice of litrature.

Answering the Toughest Questions

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what would life be like....

if everyone had their sexaulity tattoed on their forehead?
it is jeffs birthday today.

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