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i wish their was a way to type sarcasticley, without having to point out you were being sarcastic...i would type like that so often.
why do i like morbidd things? i mean im obsessed with apocolypse. the more horrid, the better. mass death by radiation? fascinating.
the last of the humans being ravaged by some awful plague? i would thrive on it.
a totalarains society that represses the human spirit to the breaking point? glorious.
WWI sorts of wars, with slaughter in mass. perfection.
why. why do i think about this sort of thing, what is the matter with me?
meh, im in a broody mood.

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...and war broke out in heaven...

got anotherstory idea tonight. i was listening to some epic music, and then itstruck me and filled my brain. awar in heaven. what could be more limitless in vastness and epicnessness than that? i supose it comes from how much ive been thinking about thebible recently due tomy growing atheism...

i have a bit done, notmuch, less then a thousand words. tell me what you guys think tho. oh but just a warning, it is kind of dark and dosnt portray god in a good way,so justa wrning there.

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hmmmm if i broke my arm...

or any of my limbs for that matter, i think the moost epic thing to say would be "oh, see the funny thing about this situation is that my arm is broken" *tries to grin through the pain*

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i feel so dirty...

ive taken to showers two day, but i still feel filthy. why? ugh i hate this D:

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do you ever have a cat fall asleep on your legs?

well im one upping you, i have three of the furry little bastars asleep on my legs D: someone help me...i cant move...

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been harsh with poeple the last few days...

well ok, only two people have i been harsh with. and only cuase i had a good reason...
guy one:we were sitting at my table at lunch, and my one friend does something that guy one dosnt like, so guy ones like "you faggot" and you must understand, when i become friends with someone, i ask them, if they have a habit of it, to not use homophobic words around me. and then i give them alot of chances to stop it, i jsut nicley remind them to every time they do. ive managed to get most of my friends to stop even :D

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foood. and god! or lack there of?

i dont eat oftne enough :/ i consume like half the calories someone my size ought to. like not even on purpose, out of sheer laziness, or being to wrapped up in what im doing to notice im hungry. but im getting better! im really enjoying my late exploits into food preporation. why does food taste so much better when you make it yourself!? oh and i feel soooo bad for those who work in restraunt/fastfood joints. they must be starving by the ends of their shifts.

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hmmm my school, babies, and day o' silence

so me and my bf have been doing goooood :) lots of hand holding and kissing. but weve cuased some upsetness in our grade. cuase see some people think its the best think evar, and tell us were adorable/brave and stuff. but the jocks haaaate us. ive gotten glared at so much XD
one of my close friends is 5 days late on her period, so she things she is inpregnated. i hope not, but the seems ver ypossible, since she lost her v-card a just recently. :/ poor girl.

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my wonderful day :)

so thers this guy, and weve been flirting alot latley, and hes a realy sweetheart...so today i asked him out. and he said yes :D it was so great.
then i had to listen to some stupid talk about how gay people choose to be gay. i argued her into submission tho :)
i love water!

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girl jeans....

i wish i could buy them. but of course i would have to secret buy them, for if not, my mum would flip out im sure, if i asked her. so i bet ill have to secretley buy them some time when i have the funds and a day out shopping with friends.

why i like them

they make me feel hot wearing them
they have bbetter shape.
i have more energy when i wear them, becuase they make me haooy

tiny pockets. i love to cram tons of stuff into my pockets, but i cant with girls jeans.
easy to see when my mor boyish bits get excited....

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hmmm got someone expelled yesterday....

so there was this kid whos been harrasing my friend in math class for like a week, cause my friends gay. i finally got sick of it, and reported it to staff, and they got right on it. i love that i go to a school that cares enough to battle homophobia. haha ironicley, just a few minutes after i got out of the person who i tolds office, the friend who was getting harrased also went in there and talked to her himself. the kid was such a jerk, not just about the gay thing,but about like everything ever.

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my life is filled with a lack of rape...

so today we were studying sexaul harrasment/rape in health class. and we had to do these work sheets, it being school and all. an the last two questions, one was desighned for boys and one for girls. the problem was it was for straight guys and straight girls. the guy question asked what you learned about rape from the boys section, but that was all about respecting girls rights, and going at a rate they are comfortable at, and stuff like that.
the girls question was like explain ten ways to avoid beign raped. and i felt those applied to me alot more. so i ended up doing the girl question.

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the orogoen trial...

is such a cruel, cruel, cruel evil game.

my arms hurt...ive been excersizing alot.

i lvoe it when my gay friend lets me where his coat, becuase im like dwarfed in it. i hate it when teachers loose an assighmnet youve done :P
scary movies ar no fun if you have no one to snuggle with. i knew i wanted to write about something in this journal, but ive lost waht thaht it :P ill remember in a while i bet...

EDIT: just finished this story. if you dont like cussing and violence, i suggest you avoid this.

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a good story idea, i belive...

but writign would make gay people seem awful.
so like every group in the world had some extremists in it(sucide bombers, the people that sit between whales and there hunters, people who blow up abortion clinics etc,.)
so i imagine that in the LGBT community, there are extremists who want to like rid the world of straight control or something like that.

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:D epic weekend plans.

so this saturday night, my GSA is sleeping at my house :D its gonna be pretty coolio.

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