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guess what feels ammmmmmazing

putting on a condom for the first time.

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camp :)

so i got back from camp yesterday. it was rather entertianing :D one guy in my cabin was rather annoying, but no week can be perfect. i had funnes :D tho saturday night was bitter swwet, since twwo years ago at camp on saturday camp, i felt so guilty about being gay i promised to kill myself when i got home. i was so deppresed back then.
i had a maaaajor boy crush on my counsler :D he was so nice and fun and whatnot

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poor ferret and WOW (not world of warcraft either)

so on wednesday, we had to put my tiny ferret to sleep. she had cancer and was getting nasty tumors, and they were starting to pain her from how she was acting. and we were lucky she made it like like she did. the ve t gay her three weeks, she made it three and a half months. it was sad but i was happy she wasnt in pain or anything

would it be odd to date someone with the same name as you?

naw, it would be coolio
29% (5 votes)
yea it would be a little wierd
29% (5 votes)
it would be sweet :)
41% (7 votes)
Total votes: 17
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eyelashes *faints*

so this weekend i was over in eastern wahsingotn (i live more westward, near the shore sort of) cause i was going to my friends family reunion so that she wouldnt be the only teen.

so like the good like adventists we are, we went to church on saturday(yea we go on saturday not sunday. if you want to know why, pm me) so we went to the teens section, and sat down.
and there was this boy. he was just so...pretty! his eyelashes were longer and prettier then any boys ive ever seen. like they would tickle my face if i kissed him long :) *sigh*

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screw dates

i dont even have a boyfriend anymore, so sorry you guys wasted your time giving me date suggestions.

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i needa advice :)

what do yall suggest for nice dates for this summer?

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iceland :)

legalized gay marraige. ninth country. i wonder how will make double digits?

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im out to my dad...

and hes outa da house. he told me that'the homsexaul lifstyle' is very dirty, also that he wants me to see a pastor aka a counsler. he said i will prob;ey cacth aids and cant live a normal life. he said that homsexaul act is very mental damagin. then he got pissed at my mom for not telling him for 8 months. shes so sick of his BULLSHIT THAT HE HAS BEEN PULLING FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS that she told him to pack his fucking bags and leave. gawd i screwed up my family D:

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hmmmm my life without oasis...

would be boring. its interesting seeing how other lgbt ppl get along. i just ogtta say thanks to the people that made this site. yes ,jeff, im thanking you, but thats all your getting, a thank you.

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so tonight im going to gradate from wigth grade :D and on of my good buddies from outside of school will be there...and my new boyfriend :)

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well im th coolest perosn ever.

i got me some battlefront :D best games ever! i bought 1 and 2 off amazon for on $13! THIRTEEN DOLLAH! i sang a grand solo at my spring concert yesterday, that went well. i may hang wit h the ex this ekkend, or maybe bi curios guy. either way i think ill end up making out XD i only ate nilla wfers all day D: so unhealthy, bad ferrets. well im off to blow stuff up with THE BEST STARWARS GAMES EBER!

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guess what i learned today
homsexauls love children from broken homes...in the ass
homsexauls invented nazism! and then cleverly comitted mass suicide to make it look like they were the victims, ohh they found us out on that one
homsexauls ALWAYs molest children...in the ass.

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ive never told anyoone this so here it goes. i think i have parionoid skitzophrenia DX

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