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hehe i love the office :D

and this is the best episode. EVER. so stupid XD


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i know, i shouldnt have made a poll, then put a journal right above it. sorry :/

so i tlaked to russian guy who acted like he was into me on facebok, and he admited hes bi curios sorrta. haha in his own words"maybe i do will be liking boy, but this feeling is very small, like snail' lol i love how russians word things XD

how do you sleep?

on my back
23% (3 votes)
on mah tummy
38% (5 votes)
on my right side
8% (1 vote)
on my left side.
23% (3 votes)
anyway, aslong as theres another person against me ;D
8% (1 vote)
Total votes: 13
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sexi russian day!

so today was my buddys birthday. his little borthers are so coolio. so he had a bunch of his russian friends over, and the second hottest guy thet(the first being my buddy himself) was acting like he was into me :D it was so nice knowing someone might, just maybe, find me mildly attractive.

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in soviet russia....

im studying up on communism. the more i read about it, the more it makes sense. i mean us americans have always been told that communism is icky and evil, and im not saying terrible, terrible things havent happened in communist countries, but its all a matter of the right people in goverment.

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:D im such a dork

so today, it was career day at school, and i looked like a fucking maniac! i had a surgical mask on, and a long white doctors coat that i could botton, gloves then went under my sleeves, and round black, gold framed reflective glasses. i had the perfect voice for it to :D "the doctor is read to so you know" or'its time for your INJECTIONS' wat was my career? doctor in a pyschiatric ward >=) i was even kinda scaring myself by the end of the day a little, as i felt the obbsesive need to draw red pen blood splatters on my face. i feel sorry for the little kids i followed through the halways XD

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epic hiar and attempt at explenations.

so today we had special permission from the school to do whatever we wanted to our hiar :D now normally my school is a pop bucket, and will expell us if we dye our hair an unatural color(because god hates hiar dye...)but today, and today only we got to! fuck yea! so my hiar is normall a dull brownish collor, but now it has EPIC red streaks :D if you want a pic, pm me :3
im trying to find a time to explain to my teacher why i left that note a couple weeks when she siad the thing about homosexuality. i need her to understand! but shes never alone damn it!

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ya know whats epic? my emioitnal state :D

so tongiht i went to my friends coolio play. it was fun :D i love russians....so there i lerned my ex got a bf, and i was expecting myself to freak out when he got one, but i only felt happy that he got someone :D win for me(and my ex)

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this journal has only one purpose...

and that is to tell you all that my new favorite bird is called the MAGNIFICANT FRIGATE BIRD. thats its real name, i promise!

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hmmm im a lazy.

so last night i had a dream there was a big oasis gathering/party thing. yay, right? nope. all these swat guys appeared and starting like shotting everyone. everyone just kinda panicked and was running around and dying. except pat, he was like knifing the swat guys. go pat! i used totalgeeks dead boddy as a bullet shiled...sorry bout htat

so todya ive accomplished: unititng the americas under british rule. im so dorky :P i love my empire total war tho :D
i miss having a guy to snuggle.

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hmmmm yeah...

so im seeing the person that pissed me off this week today. should i act normal, or ignore/shun her?
take the high road or the low one?
forgive or let my anger fester?

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whats the fuckin point of freinds?

so ya know what just makes a day? having your "friend" tell you
'well matthew, ya know it really is kinda sick that you like guys. god kinda hates that ya know.'
why do i even fuckin bother with them? its not worth the shit!

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happppy day :D

so my ex, B, last time he was over, left a piar of sweats, to remember him by. i promised(to myself)that i would where them once i was all the way over him, like as in the degree of him daating another guy didnt bother me. so last night guess what ferrets did. ferret wore B's sweats :D

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hehe nice :D

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