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SAVEME. Pleeassee..!

I haven't been on here for a while. Wanna know why?
My 'big secret' was no longer so big, as my mum read my MSN conversation to my friend, talking about us being bi, and how unfair it is that some people judge for it. Joyous.
So I endured a 3 hour argument/discussion about WHY didn't I tell my parents first, and HOW do I know.

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The week so far.

-Nothing special today, even though it was Valentines.
It was Ray's birthday as well, and he was supposed to be flying a plane but the weather was crap. So we went out and bought gumboots for him cause he needs them. Joy. There's nothing like buying gumboots for your dad. But, lucky for me, I bought things as well. Green Day's 1994 cd, 'Dookie', Ratchet and Clank 3 and the Disney sinstar. NOT the one with HSM on it. With songs from the original disney movies, like Aladdin and The Lion King. It is way cool. Nothing important for Valentines.


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I had a rather...interesting conversation with my father in the car home today.

Dad: Your hair. It looks weird.
[my fringe was clipped back and my ultra short, normally spiky hair in a miniature ponytail.]
Me: What, you're saying you don't like it?
Dad: Noo, not that! You just have no hair on your face and I guess I'm saying you look like a guy.
Me: So what?! Girls are allowed to have hair off their face, Dad!
Dad: Ohh, so you're turning into a guy now?
Me: YES.
Dad: Now, don't go dating girls. Because that would just be wrong.

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normal or not so?

Is it normal to feel...strongly over the smallest offer? Just something as small as, oh, someone getting something for you when you're busy [or even not so busy!]. like, for example, a drink from the canteen. is that normal?

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Have you ever written a 'pantoum' before?
It's a type of poem.
And mine goes like this:-

The flower petals are scattered
I am scared to leave my seat
It's hard to concentrate
Dressed in all black.

I am scared to leave my seat
More people are arriving
Dressed in all black
There is no-one here, beside me.

More people are arriving
I'm listening to the murmurs
There is no-one here, beside me
There is no way you are gone.

I'm listening to the murmurs
It's getting dark outside
There is no way you are gone
The church is nearing empty.

It's getting dark outside

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I am a fourteen year old, female, music loving teenager. With one difference. I am bisexual.
Only recently [recently as in, like, 5 days ago!] did I tell anyone that. My friend, and my BEST friend.
Oh, the most important detail. I am crazily in love with my best friend. Maybe not crazily, that was the wrong word. Just...she is so perfect. We do everything together. I only met her just over a year ago. But still.
I told her, via IM, and she said she thought she might be too. I didn't tell her that I like her, just that I was bi. Now she practically knows my life story.

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