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Back after a few years

Hey, I haven't been on here in a few years and then I remembered it all of the sudden! Just thought I'd say hi again (even though I barely know anyone here anymore) and see what was up with oasis.

I hope everyone is doing well!

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Soo Happy :-)

I'm going on a field trip with my GSA tomorrow!!!!! We are taking a ferry to SF and then the metro to the Castro. There we are going to eat penis cookies haha (they are really good macaroons covered in chocolate) I'm really excited because I feel like I'm actually being a OK leader of the club this year. I mean we have actually done stuff and become really good friends. Too bad there are no other lesbians ...they are all straight or gay guys.

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Girl Help

Hey! So I haven't been on Oasis in months and now it seems like I barely know anyone haha. I came back to ask some advice because I don't really have any gay friends so they don't really get it.

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long time, lotsa stuff, sort of adios

It has been about 2 months since I've been on oasis, which I think is a good thing. I love reading ppl's journals and the forums, but I used to go to oasis because I really needed to, now I visit because it is fun. School has officially started and I love my classes even though the homework is going to be insane. I fell in love with chemistry from the first day. I'm a big nerd.

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Sorry if I complain a lot in this. I'm sooooo bored right now. I already exhausted all of the things anyone could possibly do by themselves for days on end. I made an entire lunch box out of Capri Suns for God's sake! And I'm mad cause one of my supposed best friends who I have know for years has backed out on our plans twice this week with a phone call 10 minutes before and lame excuses. she never ever calls me and she just mooches off other people basically she has turned into a fake, shallow, unfriendly person in the last two years.

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Back from the Ozark Mountains

Wow it's been a while. I just got back from Arkansas where I visited all of my relatives. They live in the middle of nowhere in the Ozark Mountains. It's almost tropical there! It's like a jungle with cougars, bears, cyotes, snakes, tons and tons of bugs. Anyways we did a lot of fun things like floating down the elk river, fireworks, eureka spring, but also a lot of weird stuff. We went on a scavenger hunt for old outhouses and wound up finding dozens scattered in the mountains. We found a dead monkey in one!!!!!

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Damn You Finals

sorry. this is probably going to sound like everyone else who is ranting about finals, but I have to do it to relieve stress.
Spanish Final- check
English Performance- check
History WWII exam- check probably didn't do so well :(
Science, Math, Drama, CPR to gooooo!!!!!! the hardest ones. I have been studying non stop all day and I still feel crappy about tomorrows finals. yikes.

I cannot wait for this year to be over. It has been a crazy rollercoaster.

Non-Final stuff to look forward to:
1.) Going to a party at the beach Thurs. Night :-)

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School-MTB-relationships-CD-pride parade-LIMBO!

a week and a half more of school!!!!!
ahh I wish it was just over and that we didn't have super hard finals all next week, but then it will all be done
...on other news I'm racing mountain biking this weekend in my first race outside my high school league. it's an incredibly technical course, but I'm excited. Plus there's no pressure to do well since it's not for the team.

Everyone I like or have liked in the past 2 years is now in a relationship. I guess I'm going to have to fin someone new.

I bought an indigo girls CD from a thrift store today.

If you could have one of these talents, which one would it be?

amazing dancer
29% (4 votes)
amazing singer
29% (4 votes)
amazing writer/poet
29% (4 votes)
amazing athlete
14% (2 votes)
Total votes: 14
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I really need to know how to get the audio on a youtube video. we uploaded it on to youtube, but it says the music and sound (talking) is copyrighted so it's silent. Any idea of how to get the sound. It's due tomorrow morning! thanks

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I'm so happy for the first time in a while. I was afraid that thing were getting really bad, but now I realize it was mostly just stress. Now all my huge projects are over and I'm super relaxed! Oh and I just made my best friend in the whole entire world an AMAZING cake for her 16th birthday. It is chocolate with peanut butter cream frosting in the middle, chocolate and peanut butter swirled on top, layered with mini choco. and peanutbutter chips :) ahh.

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another coming out

So I was in science class today doing a lab and the subject of conversation turned to prom. I made the mistake of saying "I know who I'd want to go to prom with" lol dumbest thing to say ever because they wouldn't stop asking me who it was. Every time the used the word "he" I wanted to laugh. people are so unaware, I mean I've been publicly "out" for a year now ( I guess I'm sort of quiet so no one notices) . finally I gave in and told this one girl I'd tell her who I liked after class. When I did she didn't even bat an eye! All she said was " Oh yeah?

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I'm happy :) I found a LGBT youth group like 20 mins away from where I live! silly me I thought there wasn't any in my area and all it took was a little internet research. I plan on attending as soon as I can do so with out informing my parents where I am going, which is going to be difficult seeing as they meet at 7 to 9 pm and I don't drive. BUT WHATEVER. I will find a way and I will finally meet some nice gay and lesbian people who aren't holed up in the closet or to snobby to talk to me. YES. Things are looking up.

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bad week

This has been a horrible week so far! I have so much homework I feel like I'm drowning it. We have to give a a 40 min to hour long intense presentation on Stalin, which is far from done and portfolio's, english final, 2 tests. On top of that I just found out my grandma has to continue with chemo even though they told her today was the last session. Overall I have just been feeling off for the last month. I have been seriously clinically depressed three times in my life once in 4th grade, once in sixth grade, and once at the beginning of last year.

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I'm feeling very irritable right now :( I FEEL LIKE I'M STUCK IN THE CLOSET STILL. (woah didn't realize cap locks was on), but I have already come out to basically everyone. I mean I'm out to my three best friends in the whole world. Plus I came out personally to my other friends A., E., and S. and AI. Then I even put in on facebook at the beginning of the year. oh yeah and my MOM.

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