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Feelings on Marijuana?

I don't know if i'm breaking any of the Terms of Service by asking or telling about marijuana or my own use of it, but what the hell, I'm a risk taker.

I'll admit it now, I'm an avid user of pot. Somewhere in between full-blown-tie dye-hippie pothead and the casual college student. :D

Alright, discussion time: Now I know there is alot of opposition to pot and the culture surrounding it, but honestly, is it really all that bad?

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Dude, I love my mom

So like, last night I thought about killing myself.
Before anyone says anything, just hear out the rest of this story. I don't want a bunch of "PLEASE DON'T DO IT" messages flooding my inbox.

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It's as if god came down into my brain last night and answered my prayers.


I have an extra day to study for exams/my wildlife bio test. All that stress from yesterday is lifted from my shoulders.

Now I have an entire day of just me, some hot cocoa, and my boy friend.
I wanna go sleding today.

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Kids shows/movies from the 90s

Does anyone remember how cool kids shows used to be?
In this generation of Ben 10's and Power Ranger re-runs (re hashes?), I can't imagine how any child can grow up like that.

I remember coming home after school for disney afternoons and watching Darkwing Duck and Ducktails. As lame as it sounds, I still watch those shows when I feel all nolstalgic and lame. I remember ROFLing everywhere at Launchpad McQuack and his failures as a pilot. Even better were the disney channel movies like Brink (dude, rollerblading was so awesome in that movie) or The first halloween town.

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