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My debate about Homosexuality with my pastor

So I can't seem to kick my cravings lately so I got myself some de-alcoholized wine and it is actually really good. So I'm pretty happy right now. I'm tricking my brain mwahahaha.

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Just a Dream I had

I had a good talk with my GF kay last night. We talked about my addictions and cravings and we cried, fought a bit, and what not. All that healthy talking stuff. She was upset that she couldn't take care of me. I told her that she can't alwaays be there for me and that is okay. you know, more healthy stuff. I'm a fan of promoting positive mental health.

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I'm Back

So I'm actually not new to this place. I've actually been on and off of this site since I was 12- 13. I'd like to thank the people of this site that helped me through my adolescence. This place gave me a sense of belonging and community and I hope that this site continues to give homesexuals, Transgendered and people of other classifications (or not) that same sense of community and belonging.

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