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The creepy moob pediphile on youtube

I have this epic documentary on youtube about moobs (man boobs). It's kind of funny, and totally meant to be funny and nothing else. I made it as a joke last year for my friend's birthday. Today I checked my email, and saw an alert telling me that I have a new subscriber! yay! (that makes four, lol). I clicked on his username, and saw the creepiest thing ever. This guy had this fetish for fat people. His favorites were all filled with things like "jiggly belly guy", or "big man tits", and there was all this stuff I did NOT need to see, in fact NO ONE should see that stuff.

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the fuckin swine flu...

The swine flu has come to Davis, and is in a kid at holmes jhs. Holmes is closed for the next week, and all of the kids who go there are quarantined for the next calendar week, and so are their siblings. My girlfriend's sister goes to holmes, and that means she can't come to school next week either. Also, (the part that really sucks), my mom just told me that I am quarantined from seeing her at all next week. I'm so sad, I mean we just fuckin fixed everything! (and now you're reading this and just found out if it is the weekend lol sorry) FUCK!

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Being my stupid apologetic self (this is not worth your time)...

Well, for anyone who cares
I am so pissed off at everyone and I feel like puking. It feels like there is something that has latched it's-self onto my chest and is crushing the space just below my neck over my thymus. I've felt like that all week so sue me.

Who in the world cares?
Maybe just telling the internet will make it better.

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Slap me now...

Slap me now cause I'm retarded.

Seriously, I need to be tied down like a naughty boy and spanked.

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The stupid cab driver RIPPED US OFF!!

So I'm in mexico (Puerto Vallarta) right now, and my brother and I were looking at stuff across town in the gay section (yay). But then we had to go home, and there was this cab, which we were looking for, and the guy signaled for us to get in. So we got in, and started to talk money, and he said 10$. We knew he was ripping us off there, so we got it down to 8 (not much better). Pesos, we decided, would be cheaper. He said, 150 pesos. Not right- the exchange rate is 13 pesos per dollar. So that is 46 pesos over 8$.

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This little kid is convinced I'm a dude. UP YOURS GENDER!

Okay, so I'm here in mexico staying with some family friends, and their relatives (oh, yeah, and my family), and there is this little kid here who is absolutely convinced that I am a boy. I am, by the way for anyone who cares, (believe it or not) biologically female.

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So. Fuckin. Angry

Oh. My. Fuckin. God.



Fuck my FUCKING LIFE!!!!!!!!

Life does NOT stop for people. The fabric of the universe will continue to undulate with the movement of strings, people are going to die no matter what, and dammit, everyone (including me) thinks that their little EGO is SO IMPORTANT! Well you know what? FUCK YOU! FUCK ME! FUCK EVERYTHING, cause none of it matters.

I want coffee now.

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The Cleansing

This is a something (poem? song? anything?) about the persecution of homosexuals during the holocaust. I realize that it is highly romanticized, but I hope it speaks to someone.


Breaking hearts a sweet duet,
But now just empty shells thrust down.
Lovers no one could forget
Bleed together on the ground.

Banished we have fled from here,
Silent now, in silence forgotten.
The three point star to us is dear,
In silence now, be in silence forgotten.

We hear listless whispers closer,
Or distant cries with discontent

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Apologies to EVERYONE!!!

Look, I've been on this site for two days, and I've pissed at least two people off, so sorry everyone.

Meh, maybe shane was right. He said I'm offensive in general. but seriously, what's wrong with speaking my mind??? My mouth (or fingers) really need a filter, so... yeah.

But yeah, if I piss anyone off, please don't hesitate to like rag on me. My email is so weeeee!

Once again, sorry!

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Too much caffeine

Ok, so I just found out that this site is unblocked on the Da Vinci computers, so hahaha world! I so happy.

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hello world!

Well, since this is the internet, so of course I am not who I am in real life, HELLO WORLD. I am about to tell everybody stuff that they shouldn't know. And you know why? No one cares! :D

OK, lovely intro, right?

Well Hi everyone, you can refer to me as Mr. Dake Start, that is who I am on the internet.

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