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Big Gay Prom!!!!

It was sooo much fun!!!!! I'm soo glad that I skipped my school prom to go! Everyone was really nice and there was no drama or anything!!!! And everyone looked SO good, which was surprising because there was no dress code!!!! *rant rant rant*

There was a couple specific points of interest though... I mean, I wasn't expecting it to be as fun as it was because the only person I knew was my ex, but she introduced me to her friends, and so on so I knew a fair few going into it.

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I hate when I legitimately forget about it, and have to make it all up at 11:30 at night.... At least when I procrastinate, it feels like my fault...

That is all... Good night.

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The Dark Side...

I've succumbed! For (about) two years now I've refused to watch Glee. I get to spring break, and what do I do? Watch every single episode that is out in five days! It would've taken me less if I found the second season sooner... And now I'm listening to Glee songs as I type this... I have fallen soo far!!!!

And on top of that I've started to actually RELATE to the characters... Which makes me fall in love with them... Which makes me want to watch more!

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My dad and I were just talking, and he made a very true statement. At this point in my high school career, I'm coasting until the end.

But there's a problem with that. I don't like to coast! I don't like just waiting for things to happen. It's not like I expect things to happen instantly, or for things to be given to me. But I like working towards something, and I'm not and it's driving me insane! I wanna be driving towards my destination, not just dawdling towards it!

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I Love You Phillip Morris

It was SUCH a cute movie!!!! I would have never thought of Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor as a cute couple, but they WERE, and it was adorable!!!!

That is all... I just needed to spaz a bit.

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Back Online!

And hopefully will make a habit of checking the forum more often... I'm very bad at that... ^^;;;
Well, life's been interesting since I last posted. I'm pretty much out to everyone, which is nice. I'm participating (well really, organizing) the Day of Silence at my school this year, and I'm going to the gay prom in the city near us. So that part of my life is going lovely!

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I mean.... Catch-up... As in catch up time.

I haven't been on in sooo long!!!!! I've just been soo busy with school and other crap and stuff, so I'm going to ramble about everything important that's happened since I've been away.

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I actually had a semi-interesting weekend for once.

I'm not gonna rant on forever though, because I REALLY need to stop procrastinating and write my essay.

I thought my weekend was going to be boring, because I was going to be with my cheerleading team the entire time, but in fact I ended up coming out to half my team, and they surprisingly didn't take it too badly!

I also came out to my cousin, and he's fine with it too! Although he thinks that my family is going to be okay with me being gay, and I don't agree with him....

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... Under my workload....

I'm seriously going to be suffocated by the end of the first marking period, and it's kinda funny, because I don't even get homework in most of my classes...
US History Gem is killing me. I still have to read that book that I previously mentioned, and I have to look up some political cartoon, make sense of it and write about it. AND I'm supposed to be reading the next chapter in our textbook....
Needless to say, I haven't read a chapter out of there since the second week...

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Cheerleading Tryouts.

Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday... I'm nervous as hell, especially because I failed miserably today... And I can't fix my damn elbows... But I have two days left, and Coach knows that I work really hard.
But I'm still nervous as hell that I'm gonna be stuck on JV again...

Oh, and I don't think I'm going to finish my US History book, AND write a book report on it by next Wednesday... I have like 400 pages left, and I fall asleep every time I pick it up...

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My exhausting day today....

I want to start off with saying that I looooove not caring who knows about my sexuality (besides family...) It's soooo nice!!!!

ANYWAYS... I worked at an antique show at my school ALL day today (like 8 in the morning to 7 at night) so I could pay for my senior trip.... And being nice to people for that long is REALLLY freakin' hard!!!!
Although it was fun, so I'm okay with it. The worst part though was at the end, when we were cleaning up... We had to break down all the tables that the vendors were using, and I got like fifteen splinters in my hands from doing so.

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Meh Weekend...

Soooo.... My weekend was fun.

Well the second day at least. The first was boring and rather irritating... But I'm not getting into it.

Soooo, I got to meet my friend since kindergarten for the first time in seven years. It was cool!!! He brought his best friend (who was christened 'Marco Percy Taylor Nancy' by us) and I brought mine. It was really cool, especially since we act like we've never left each other!!!
Bad news about him though: He's seen Wicked, and I haven't. And he's taller than me... By six inches....

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Play this.

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My parents are slipping further.

So much for their 'trying to understand' crap! They've blocked half of my LGBT sites!!! Because they didn't agree with the DOCUMENTARIES I was watching!!!!
I'm sooo glad that they haven't blocked Oasis yet though. I'm ight go insane if they did!!!

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I need a hug, and a better family.

I just do. I know I don't have the worst family in the world, but I can't stand to be around them anymore.
I'm just sick of them using my sexuality as an excuse for everything, and I love how that now that they want MY support on an issue that I don't think is the right way to solve something (AKA my mothers boob job), that it's bigoted and rude to not wish to talk about it at all.

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