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Science wins

My girlfriend and I rock. We just realized why we weren't getting along today. She has a cold, so firstly she can't smell my pheromones, and secondly, hers are interrupted by the scent of sickness on her, that is biologically programing me to stay away for my own good. And now everything is all better, because we understand the science. The power of science!!!!!

BUFFY! Who's heard of it, loves it, can't sleep at night without hearing the soundtrack.

Buffy? did you misspell bunny or something? (hehe, Anya wouldn't like that)
25% (3 votes)
Oh yeah, I saw an episode of that once.
25% (3 votes)
I would have killed myself by now if not for BUFFY!!!
17% (2 votes)
I can name every episode, see: Welcome to the Hellmouth, The Harvest... Hush... Entropy... Chosen.
33% (4 votes)
Ewww, I hate that show, too many gays!
0% (0 votes)
Total votes: 12
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Haha, I never post Journal Entries...

I wonder why... oh yeah, because I would run the risk of being incredibly offensive and destroying peoples world view. End of story.

Read you all's stuff though... and occasionally post pointless comments for my own amusement.


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Ok, this looks fun enough...

You have just sculled a whole bottle of vodka, what are you doing?
Probably calling the police for date rape, because I cannot see any way that I would end up drinking that much if i was not tied up and fed with a funnel.

Could you go for the rest of your life without drinking alcohol?
I intend to!!! Na, not really I will probably drink beer and wine responsibly, but I definitely could if I wanted to.

You're insanely drunk stumbling through the streets, slurring songs, who are you with?
I would be alone, so no one would witness me being a freaking idiot.

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Is it funny that I type my signiture every time...

Because I do, not that I write jornal entries ever... but I post at people, and then I type my signiture... I just thought of the best signiture quote ever!!!!

"I can buy a BIGGER one!"


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Your trans moment of the day!!

Gahaha, I was looking at the "your gay moment of the day thread" and I was all like I would have so much to say for that if it was "trans", i started to write this over there, but it was kind of long, so I stuck it here.

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Umm... It is hard to answer if you have you PM's set for no reply.

Sorry to everyone else out there who has no idea what I am talking about, I got a PM with a question, but the person has their PM's set for no message or something like that so I can't reply. If you want to fix it, I think there is a box under acount settings that you can uncheck so you can recieve PM's.

Anyway, Yup that is who I am for the record. Looks like I'm not the only stalker on here who randonly looks up and is like I know that kid. Small world.


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La la la, I haven't posted in a while.

Ok, I am posting now. I am so happy, I get to get up early and hide easter eggs for my sister and her friend. They are only two years younger than me, but my sister loves those sorts of things, so I love to do that for her. Plus if I do the setting up, then I don't have to bust my butt traying to find the things.

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I'm sitting in class right now. We have to do a project on Dictators! My group is doing Hirohito... Yay? Um.. He was a facist. I think I would have been an iky(debbie is telling me that iky has a c in it but screw that) facist bitch if I was born a guy. No not really, but I would be crazy and homophobic, which is ironic, cause I am very proud of being gay, and never ever had an issue accepting it.

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I'm Writing again, Yay!

Hi, I am back! Well actually I was back last night, but I was helping Jbird get an account, so I was mainly just reading stuff. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner.

I'll prolly tell you all more about me later, but I'm too lazy now so haha.

Anyway yesterday was fun'ish. I did stuff!

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No longer a stalker

Hi... Um, a friend of mine told me about this place a while ago.

I started coming on here and reading stuff, but I never got an account cause I have an irrational phobia of writing anything personal on the internet whatsoever. Anyway, I feel bad for just coming on here and reading stuff, cause I feel like a stalker, so here I am. I exist, you can see me. I am dealing with my internet fears cause this seems to be a really good place, and I think that you all deserve to see that I am here.

I don't really know how much I'll share, but you can see me now, so it's a start.

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