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So... Today sucked. Directly from my ex. Care to read?

"I have to tell you that I'm not interested in you. That I'm just stringing you along. That I'm not in love with you, nor will I ever be. Nothing is going to happen between us. Ever."

Great day.

Well, I needed to know.

Still hurts like a bitch though.

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I dunno...

So I was talking to my ex last night and I mentioned that i found oasis. She got all quiet and was like. "Lets not talk about that." I felt so ashamed... No one has ever made me feel ashamed of my sexuality. Why did I ever go out with her?? Fuck my life. Seriously. :(

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So I'm talking to my ex on the phone... And SHE'S CUTTING WHILE I'M ON THE PHONE WITH HER!! What can I do??

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More Fun Stuff

More fun stuff about my ex! She's straight so since I'm her "best friend" she feels the need to talk about all the guys she thinks are hot. Fantastic. Apparently I was just some stupid experiment. Doesn't she know that it meant more to me? Doesn't she know I'm still in love with her. Argh!! I'm so frustrated.

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So... I was thinking about my ex today. Well, I think about her every second of every minute of every hour of every day... You get the point. I cant get over her. She broke up with me a few days after our 4 month anniversary. Total bummer. But she still wants me to her best friend. Its really difficult to be her best friend when all I can think about is her lips on mine... It also doesnt help that she's semi suicidal and cuts occasionally. And her parents arent exactly waving the rainbow flag if you know what I mean. So my llife is totally fun right now...

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